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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Treasure: Tea set

I know I should be posting about our apartment, but I couldn't resist showing you this:

Treasure time!

location: St. Vincent de Paul's (juneau, ak)
cost: $4.50 for teapot, $1.50 for cup and saucer (x2) = $7.50
best part: the saucers have an octagonal shape which the cup sits in like a puzzle, making it even more fun to drink tea!
other best part: it matches the new lemon kitchen color scheme

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Blank Slate

Cap'n and I moved into our lovely "suite" in mid-June. Below is the exact reason we took the place . . .
But apart from the lovely view we had a kitchen that had the largest counter in the building.
We were not the most keen on the blue carpet and the white walls (unpaintable by apt. regulations) but when you live in Juneau, AK (unreachable by land- yes, only air and boat travel can reach us!) you get a bit less picky than when you are in the continental US. Besides they provided us with a lovely yellowish "accent wall" (below). So, we thought, what the hay?

Our next task would be to conquer the colors and design of this place, which you will see shortly! Stick around for more!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, welcome! My name is Tanna, feel free to call me Banana if you like. Let me introduce you to the Cap'n. He says welcome too.

Cap'n and I live in Juneau, AK (Alaska, not Alabama). Cap'n is so aptly named because he is a captain who gets to watch enormous, majestic whales (humpback and orca) all day long *sigh. It rains a lot here which gives me LOTS of time to do, well, everything (in terms of crafting and design).

We live in a one bedroom "suite," hence the name suite.living. I wanted this to be a place to show and demo that one can be crafty, creative and live a life full of design on a small budget and in a small space.

Thanks for visiting and come again! Leave comments please please.

mwah- t