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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kodiak Coats and Steam Punk Funk together!

Jasmine Allen of Kodiak Coats tries out some new wares in the Kodiak Coat workroom.
For the Capital City Weekly
JUNEAU - "My job is to make messes," says Bridget Milligan, the owner, designer and seamstress behind the Kodiak Coat Company.

Her job seems more about making high-quality handmade outerwear, so I was a bit skeptical of these first words out of her mouth upon entering the Kodiak Coat workspace. Looking around at the yards of fleece, half-made coats and piles of dyed wool, I thought that for a creative space it was fairly neat and tidy. With her daughter Jasmine Allen around to keep the business running smoothly and assistant Dani Byers at her side, it turns out Milligan can both crank out coats and have time to make creative messes, which for her is where the fun is.
The custom-designs board at Kodiak Coats shows that the company is ramping up for the busy season.
 "I'd rather play and make things, but my job is to make coats," she says, slightly wistfully.
Milligan faces the quandary of almost every successful crafter-turned-pro: how to find time to experiment in between creating the money-earning staples. But with a little help she will unleash both a batch of new coats and new crafts this First Friday, as well as welcome jewelry artisan Angie Lawlar to her current storefront above Paradise Café.
Just one of the vintage pieces from Angie Lawlar of Steampunkfunk.etsy.com

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