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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 In 1: Chalkboard Glass & Mustache Glass Tutorial

Here is a two-in-one tutorial for the New Decade!

I LOVE my stemless wine glasses, they're fun and funky, and I feel like I spill less when I use them.  The only problem is when guests come over there is no way to tell whose glass is whose.  There is no stem for a wine charm or a special glass slipper.  Soooooo, in comes the chalkboard glass.

And, of course, while making the chalkboard glass I had the overwhelming urge to make a mustache.  I think the idea worked into my brain from here.  So, here is the combo tutorial in pictures!  Check it out after the jump!!

Clean glasses, painter's tape, paper, pen, scissors, chalkboard spray paint, x-acto knife

1 - Cover your clean glasses in painter's tape. I even used plastic bags to wrap around the back and cover the glass entirely so there were no leaks when I sprayed.

2 - Create a template for your chalkboard box or mustache and position it on your glasses. Trace the outline with a black pen onto the tape.

3 - Cut the pattern using an x-acto.  BE CAREFUL.  This step is the most difficult.  The blade will sometimes skid so never hold your hand behind the blade.  Also, where the tape is doubled is more difficult, so try not to layer the tape in the area you will be cutting.

4 - Peel the tape away inside the pattern.  Use the tip of the blade to weed out tiny pieces.

 5 - Fix any spots where the blade slipped and cut the tape inadvertently so you don't get paint bleed.

 6 - Get your paint and glass ready to spray.  Make sure no parts of the glass are exposed that are not supposed to be painted. A note about the paint- this is not a non-toxic paint (sorry for the double-neg!)- so my plan is to never lick or eat the paint on the side- if anyone has any suggestions for a better paint option, I would love to know!!

7 - Spray away!!  Spray two layers with a spell of drying between.  And make sure you're outdoors!

8 - Peel the tape- the most fun of all the steps!! You may have little spots which went astray- I found that scratching it away with the x-acto blade cleaned it right up.  Meaning, yes, you'll need to wash these glasses by hand to preserve their pristine beauty, sorry!

TA-DA!  Enjoy your new glasses!!

No, I mean really enjoy them!!

PS - check out more mustache pics here!  I'd love to see yours- leave links below!


  1. Very cool - I'll be trying this for sure before our next party!

  2. Does this hold up to washing? I'm thinking it would be a great way to label all the recycled jars I have in my pantry...

  3. Unfortunately I don't think it will hold up to dishwasher washing, but they are okay when washed by hand! That is a great idea though- labels on jars in the pantry!

  4. I just found your blog and I LOVE this idea and your fun photos!! Definitely going to give this concept a whirl! Would you mind if I linked it in a future post of mine? Glad I found your blog! I saw your coffee sleeves at a coffee shop last time we were in Juneau...My husband thought I was crazy when I was so excitedly saying, "She is on Etsy too!" :)


  5. Hi Melissa!

    Go ahead and link. I've stalking you all as well on your etsy. Such fun stuff!! I think I've even included you in an article somewhere. But it's fab to know you have a blog!! Thanks for visiting!!

  6. I do believe I just found my next crafty gift idea. LOVE IT!

  7. looking funny to make Mustache Glass but i think you can also paint it on your wine glass.

  8. fun tutorial! i wanted to let you know i linked up to this post here:


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