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Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Shower Pennant Tutorial

not only have i just been crowned a new Auntie (see last post- whale pattern tutorial), but i have tons of friends who are currently preggers right now- what fun!!!!

one lovely lady was celebrated over the weekend with a fabulous baby shower.  i got down to crafty business in the decor department.  the colors for the bash were zesty orange and lime so not only did we decorate with fruit (you use what you can up here in Alaska!) but i whipped together a cute pennant that works both as decor at the party, and gift to decorate the baby's new room.  and just for you i've whipped up a tutorial to go along!  Check it out after the jump!

Funsy Pennant Tutorial

Materials Needed:
- various scraps of fabric
- scissors
- bias tape
- sewing machine
- cardboard (to make pattern)

mark out and cut a triangle on your cardboard (I like to save and use the inserts in fat quarters)

fold your fabric with wrong sides together and cut triangles along fold (so the pennant will be double sided)

make a whole bunch of yummy triangles in within your color scheme range - don't ask why i happened to have tons of orange and green fabric . . .

grab some matching bias tape - this tape i purchased at the thrift store.  it is soooo old, I love it!!!  It actually had the original price, 15 cents, stamped on the back.  I only bought it for 25 cents!  What a steal!

Wrap bias tape around folded top of triangles and sew in place- feed and attach next triangle after first.  Continue in this way to finish entire string.

now hang it up and see how fantastically fun it is!!  look, you can even use this to decorate your craft room!!


  1. Happy Birthday Tanna! I love your crafty blog!

  2. I love your little doohickey on the side there-"Athens, Ga" arriving at "Alaska Crafter"-I plan to use this tutorial in the next couple of days-who on earth doesn't need a pennant? Sincerely,"Athens, Ga"

  3. This is way cute. I want to make one for my son's room.

    And great score on that bias tape! Love it!


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