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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Chandelier Tutorial

so, i had a bit of a bedroom panic the other day. does this ever happen to you? one day i just woke up, looked around the room, and went "ugh". it was obvious that the bedroom got shifted to last place in the priority line. no art on the walls, a cream comforter with no headboard and no superfluous pillows.

i mean nothing says luxury and comfort like superfluous pillows. so in one afternoon i had a redesign panic and i totally made over our bedroom while the cap'n was out, well, cap'ning.

i'll show more pieces soon, but here is a quick view of one little project- the freshened lighting fixture. since we're in a rental it come with some standard domes for the lighting fixtures. blech. so, i decided to (on the cheap) make up a quick polka-dot chandelier. Sooo easy, sooo quick!Wanna make one too?
1- thrift a circular item. i def. got a bit of luck here. i knew i needed something circular as the base and i thought i would have to refashion a hangar into a circle. but no need! i found a multi-tiered circular thing at my local thrift for $0.50. i think it was possibly a piece to the base of a christmas tree stand? no idea. anyway, lucky me! (i have been advised it is probably a wreath frame/base- that def. makes sense!)
2. buy 2 packs of circle sticker labels and 2 boxes of white dental floss (i went for non-minty).
3. cut one length of dental floss and start sticking the circle stickers together, sandwiching the floss in the center. it works really well if you have a nice clean, flat surface and you can lay out several lengths of floss at a time and just go to town with the stickers. make sure that you evenly space the stickers so it comes out neat. i just cut a piece of the box the floss came in to be my measuring length and it worked fine.4. make 20 or so of one length of circles. i think mine had an inner row of 20 with 10 circles each and an outer row of 20 with 6 circles each. attach them to your ring by wrapping one end of the floss over the ring and then sandwiching the end and the main floss between two circles right below the ring. perhaps i shall try to take pics of this for more clarity.
5. use floss or fishing line to hang your masterpiece.

eventually mine did make it to the bedroom light fixture, but it was so pretty in the sun we left it up in the living room for a few days. have fun!!


  1. dang you and your motivation! i love it! i would just like to add even spacing is not necessary. i man, if you are me, which you are not. dang, i love this. i love circles. and things that hang.

  2. That is SO pretty! I love this! I think it might be perfect for my hallway. Hmm... Thanks so much, I'll be linking as well.

  3. This is brilliant and something I am going to try this week!!

  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I think I will need to pass it on with a post on my blog...hope that is ok. :)

    Great idea!

  5. Very nice, I think I saw that thing at the Salvation Army the other day, I think its part of a wreath frame....and now your famous, being on One Pretty Thing and all!

  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments! Feel free to link away as long as it links back to me!! And I'd love to see any versions you make!

  7. this is great!! So going to make my own this weekend :)

  8. This is great! I must make one soon.

  9. Great minds thinking alike - I made of these with a thrifted wreath frame, bits of wire and those little tealight holders hammered flat. I love your version, too!

  10. Super cute, gotta love thrifty finds.

  11. by the way I featured this on my blog, you can check it out here

    Thought you'd like to know!

  12. Great idea! Found this on Pinterest! Noe following you.


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