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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Uses for Old News

Well, old newspaper that is . . .
 Local crafter and deckhand Bree Dale used old newspapers to craft this model vessel.

Every April Earth Day rolls around and the world gets together to celebrate this beautiful planet by cleaning up, pitching in, and planting roots. We usually do our part in Southeast Alaska year-round, but in case you need a little extra help this April, I have come up with a few ways to do your part by recycling the news you read. That's right, a different crafty creation from newspaper for each day in April should get you on your way to celebrating Earth Day in style.

1. Newspaper maché: this classic craft never goes out of style.
2. Pattern paper: create your own clothes by copying patterns out with newsprint.
3. Drop cloth: avoid the drips.
4. Scale models: some crafters get really creative with glue and paper. Check out local crafter and deckhand Bree Dale's reuse of newspaper into a seaworthy sailing vessel.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Glamping the DIY way!

Have you heard about this new fabulous fad?  Glamping (or glamorous camping)!

It is pretty much the culmination of my life as an Alaskan, a crafter, and designer- so of course I had to write about it!  Love love-

We all love camping; the starry nights, the adventure, the incessant rain pattering that keeps you wide awake as it seeps steadily through the sides of your tent into your damp, cocoon-like sleeping bag, while your stomach churns from a dinner of blackened dogs and cheap brews.

Perhaps it's time you tried "glamping" or "glamorous camping." This new trend in camping involves luxury living in the outdoors with an eco-friendly slant for the conscientious vacationer. Think African safari brought to, well, anywhere you want. Glamping sites are popping up from California to Colorado, Texas to Hawaii, and even right next door at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island, B.C. Attending this hotel-like luxury living environment in the middle of the wilderness, though, can cost a hefty fee. At Clayoquot prices start at $4,650 per person for three nights.

If that's a bit out of your budget, skip the spendy pre-pitched tents and DIY your way to a glamping adventure. Here are a few crafty tricks and tips to get you in tune with nature (and not with a root-induced back sprain).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring String Nest Tutorial

I am very sorry for being such an inconsistent blogger!  I've been working on three really big projects (so big I went part-time at my real job at the printing company I work for to focus on my own biz TP Alaska Designs) sooooo, soon I will show you all that excitement!

In the meantime enjoy this little project I whipped up: Spring String Nests!
Spring in Alaska can be a gamble. I remember one year wearing my Easter best for photos in several feet of snow, followed by sunny picnics in the next. Since we can't control Mother Nature, its best to gear up for spring by dressing our own nests. What better way to welcome the season than with a little elegant nest of your very own? This quick (albeit messy) project is fun for all levels and can go from fun and funky to chic in an instant.