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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Morn Fantastic Local Finds - Creative Tides

Nothing says coziness in winter like a pair of fantastic mittens and the minute I saw Bella's mittens in the you-know-what movie, I almost died.  You see, the Twilight (okay, I said it) series is set in a rainy temperate forest (just like Juneau), and in the book she mentions wanting to move to Juneau to go to UAS (University of Alaska Southeast), so these are the kind of mittens that any Juneau gal would just flip for.
 AND, now local etsy seller Creative Tides is selling them right here in town and they are super-affordable! They come in several colors and both mitten and fingerless styles.
Go buy a pair now before they sell out (or I buy them all!) at 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympics Get Craftier, Cozier and More Creative

   Never in the history of the Olympics has the competition been so close to our little part of the world. Scenes from the snowy sports revel in the beautiful scenery and rich culture we as Alaskans share in every day. And what’s more, we as crafters are invited into every level of the activities as well, from crafty mascots, to killer costumes and even our very own crafting Olympics.

** UPDATE **
After writing this piece I found out that Olympic biathalete Magdalena Neuner from Bavaria, Germany has her own knitting blog.  Tres cool I think and go pattering off to find it (which was not as easy as I thought it would be).  So, here is the blog, and if you don't read German download Google's translator toolbar to help yourself out.   Her "blog" looks more like a knitting store focused on her as the central beauty in a land of yarn.  It looks super-professional and all I can say is that if she actually did knit ALL those patterns that girl should get a gold medal for a few more things!!  Fun stuff- LOVE this pattern- want to make it now!!

Read on about Olympic Crafting . . .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Faux Headboard in Five

After 12 years of apartment living I can confidently say that the most frustrating part is my never-ending desire to buy permanent furnishings, which constantly struggles with the little guy in my ear reminding me that the price of buying nice, new furniture will not be worth it when I decide to abandon my dwelling and travel the world.

Ok, I understand that maybe traveling the world is a lofty goal.  And that really I refuse to buy furniture because I am afraid that if I buy some I will have made some sort of undeniable commitment to this place which is, at times, the most beautiful place on the planet, and, at times, is a cold, wet, dark isolated place that I detest (hey, it can't be perfect all the time).

So, how do I resolve these life decisions?  By putting them off.  I simply fake my furniture until such a time comes that I break down and buy an Ikea shipment that is twice as much because all the shipping it costs to send to the middle of nowhere, or just buy something from the local stores which is outdated and tacky.

How can a person fake furniture?  With fabric and scissors!  So fun.  Keep reading after the jump to see my solution for an apartment-worthy, cheap and easy headboard that won't break the bank!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cupcake Escapades

 This weekend we rocked the Super Mario-themed party of our friend Christy's little son D.  He turned one!!!  It was a fantastic time with coloring, mustaches and lots of cake!  Cupcakes, actually, and a beautiful centerpiece cake done by Sarah who is actually a pastry chef (wowza!).
Check out more of my cakes and my frosting fix tips after the jump!

Great Local Finds

I swung by Homespun Mercantile yesterday for their grand opening (ok, I was a day lot, but not a dollar short!).  They have tons of amazing crafted goodies, but I was really struck by these wooden clocks with spent casing and quarters as the hour markers.  What a great local handmade gift for a guy or a visual accent for a home! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview at Beckys Buttons!

So, Becky of Becky's Buttons blog thought of this totally brilliant scheme to interview 50 Etsy sellers in 50 different states in 50 weeks!  LOVE IT!

Of course, I love it even more because she chose me to rep AK!!  What what!  And, because Alaska is second alphabetically you get to start reading at the beginning and wait with bated breath each week as she reveals a new crafter in a new state.  If only I had thought of this! 

Sooo, basically if you wanted to know a bit more about me and my crafty heritage- or if you just want to read about crafters in all 50 states you can check out my interview here or just go to www.BeckysButtons.blogspot.com and check out all the other fun stuff she has going on! 

Thanks again Becky!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

From Craft Addiction to Craft Business: part 1

Are you addicted to craft? Do you love it so much you share your needles (knitting, that is)? Are your projects endlessly taking over the living room, bedroom, even bathroom? Then you may be the perfect candidate to turn your addiction from a hobby into a business.

There are a lot of important questions to ask when diving into any business, and selling craft is no exception. In this three part series we'll take a look at some of these questions to help decide if you are ready to embark on a path of selling your craft in our local market.

Click here to read more . . .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cap'n and Me: Valentine's Day

Sooooo, I have been waiting to show you all the fabulous card I got Cap'n for Vday.  I swiped it off Etsy for a steal - check it out here from Up Up Creative!  Shipping was a cinch, even to Alaska, and she was the kindest!  And of course the Cap'n loved it (can't you tell)!  Happy Valentine's Day loves!!

Crafty Day Today!

Many thanks to the Anchorage Daily News for picking up my piece on the Crafter's Smackdown!  Check it out here.  If you're in Anchorage you should get there now for a rousing craft-filled day.

In Juneau?  Join me in heading out to the "Wearable Arts: Cirque du Pluie".  I'll be checking out all the excitement at 3pm today at Centennial Hall.  Want to know more?  Check out my fellow writer, Libby Sterling's write-up- it's a great piece!
Or get to crafting yourself!  I created some valentine's cookie love stars (I couldn't find a heart cookie cutter! haha), to practice my buttercream frosting techniques.
Next weekend I'll be whipping up Mario Brothers-themed mini cupcakes for a wonderful little one-year-old so I wanted them to be just right.  And I have a secret desire to be a cake decorator in another life, but who doesn't?
What is on your craft-genda?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eye Popping Valentine's Cards Tutorial

Oh please, won't you be mine????
Each year as Valentine's Day rolls around a mixture of excitement and dread creep in. Do I have time to make cards for all those I love? Will I get a giant candy heart secretly tucked into my mailbox? Should I just buy some Power Ranger cards and call it good? Ugh.
This year, instead of being a stress-case, I've thrown out the old rules and gone with a simple and fun crafted card that is easily reproduced and just a tad witty. This card is perfect for both young and old, technolo-geeks and low-tech creators, so try it yourself and melt those V-Day blues away.
Click here to read more and get the how-to . . .

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowboard or Skiing Fanatic?

This blog is mainly for crafters, but sometimes crafters like to ski and snowboard and rip it up in the back country, oh and drink delicious craft beer too!  Or maybe you make cozy hats for a beloved snow-sport enthusiast? Well, read on for a really cool opportunity for you (or your snow-frenzied friends)-
Sooo, in my other life (I have several, but not in a creepy way- I think) I am a designer and one of my absolutely favorite fantastic clients is the Alaskan Brewing Company who make wonderful craft beers- check them out here.

I helped them out with a website recently (note, am a print designer foremost, so this foray into web work is one of my first, please don't hate too much!) and the entire goal was SO YOU CAN WIN A FREE TRIP TO TAILGATE ALASKA!!!  WHOOHOOOO!  

Tailgate Alaska is this amazing thing that happens up north where you can do some hardcore heli-skiing* and such and then come down the mountain to a funsy tailgate each day.  Um, anyone who loves snow would love this. 

So, this whole post is about how you should go to this website I made and enter to WIN THIS TRIP!!  Because it's awesome and free and you can enter once a day, each day.

Go here to enter:  www.alaskantailgate.com

*do I sound hip and snowboarderesque?  because i really don't actually, technically ski or snowboard myself- but am constantly surrounded by lovers of snow-sports. Believe me, I've tried and it is not pretty. So I craft hats and hot cocoa for them instead, works out for all of us.

Sneak Peek Vday Card

Omigosh!  I am so excited about my valentine's day cards that I had to give a sneak peek.  Tutorial for three diff. styles coming out this Wed. in the newest Alaska Crafter column entry for the Capital City Weekly.  Will be posting here ASAP so come back WED!
much love, t