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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How-to Hibiscus Wedding Flowers: Tutorial

 My most fabulous friend Mel is getting married in Hawaii in just a few weeks and she asked me to be the Maid of Honor (I know, could it get any better??).  She gives back to the world every day as she is a Nurse of Oncology.  So when she said she was lacking centerpieces, I jumped at the chance to use my mad crafting skills to make something super-special for her big day.

What you are about to witness is my own crafty way of making matching hibiscus flowers for the reception.  They match perfectly to the lovely dresses we will be wearing!

Follow along if you can to make your own for whatever occasion you have coming -

Tools: a polyester satin fabric in your desired color, scissors, white glue, sponge brush, matching 24 gauge wire, small faux pearl beads (for hibiscus stamen), 34 gauge gold wire, green floral tape, provided pattern, glue surface (plexiglass works well for this).

• Mix the white glue with a 2:1 mixture of glue to water. You'll be creating textured or wrinkly fabric to make the petals look more realistic so you'll need a gluing surface like a small sheet of plexiglass. Cut a square of your fabric to fit the plexi sheet.
 • Take your sponge brush and coat the laid-out fabric with the white glue mixture. It will dry clear, but the fabric will darken so keep this in mind when choosing a fabric color.
 Scrunch the fabric between your fingers to create a wrinkly textured surface. Pull the fabric flat again and you will notice that the wrinkles will remain in the surface of the fabric. Let this dry.

• Take the pattern provided here and cut five petals for your flower from the glue-stiffened fabric.
 One side of the fabric will be slightly shiny. This will be the underside of the petal.

 • Cut a 9" length of your 24-gauge wire for each petal. Straighten the wires and lay them on your glue surface.
 • In a small bowl dip each petal in water. Hibiscus petals have a wavy edge so gently twist the edges of the petals with your pincher-fingers in opposite directions. Don't twist too hard or the petal will rip.
 • Run a thin line of white glue from the pointed tip of the petal to ¾ up its surface on the petals underside (the shiny side).
Lay your petal over a wire length so that the glue lines up with one end of the wire. Let dry for several hours.
• At this point you should have at least 5 petals on wire "stems." Set these aside while we work on the stamen (or flowers center).
 • Cut five 6" lengths of your gold 34-gauge wire. Thread one pearl to the middle of each wire length.
Fold the wires in half and twist so you have a pearl on a stem.
Gather the five beads together and wrap another length of gold wire around the gathered stems of the beads.
Cut a length of 24-gauge wire and wrap this below the gold.
Keep wrapping until your stamen length is about 2".
• Gather your five petals around the stamen and wrap all the stems with green floral tape. The floral tape will stick to itself so continue wrapping until you have covered all the wires.
 • Dress your completed flower by bending the petals open so the flower looks like it is blooming. Enjoy your little tropical getaway in an ever-lasting flower.

I'll have to update with pics from the wedding once we're there.  Can't wait Mel Mel!!


  1. Whoa...! Those are really, really gorgeous! I'm in love! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking to this. And big congratulations to Mel!

  2. I read your hibiscus article in the Capital City Weekly a few days ago. It inspired to me to make some irises from one of my daughter's old purple raincoats. So, far I have 2 of them. I'd love to make a whole bouquet to place on our patio table.
    Wow! It's a small world. I just found your website via One Pretty Thing. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  3. I'm so glad you made some- I'd love to see a picture!! How exciting to hear that you not only read, but used the article- it really is a small world after all.

  4. Great post, beautiful hibiscus. Thanks for wedding flowers ideas!

  5. Thank you for sharing the idea of how to make the flower! I am using it for my 3rd grade Flower project. I love your flower, it it so beautiful!


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