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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drink Beer- Organize socks- Tute

so, in the early morning when i stumble from bed, to shower, to underwear drawer i always seem to run into the same problem - mismatched socks!  i know you're surprised.  but tanna, you say, you're so alert and perky in the morning, how can this be possible!  hah!

let's just say socks are picked before coffee is consumed- ACK!

so, i have devised a solution to the miserable state of my sock drawer, and luckily for the cap'n it involves drinking lots of beer!

Here is the before

You need a couple of these- any flavor will do - even non-alcoholic!
Now don't drink all the beverages right before you do this.

Remove socks - insert six packs and mark the packs at the top of the drawer sides.

Cut the 6 packs on your marked lines.

refill your drawer like a really organized person would who wears equally matched socks every morning.  ahhhhhhh.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to School and Plastic Free

ok, technically i am not going back to school- but I still need sandwich wraps, (see above) lunch bags and snack bags and veggie bags and reuseable portable devices of all shapes and sizes- don't we all?

so in honor of that ideal- and the crafty spirit behind making instead of just using the plastic-status-quo I've written this week's craft column about ways to GET CRAFTY, NOT PLASTICY! boy, that probably would have been a much better title, hah!

so, check out the article here. i was assisted by friend and fellow crafter, Anji Gallanos. Check out her blog Ruby's Hill - she is a mom and a fabulous crafter. I LOVE her seaglass creations.

also, check out the links from the article:
- the No New Plastics Facebook page if you want to join Anji in trying to cut back/cut out plastics for a week- it sounds like a real challenge, but worth it
- Tipnut has 35 reusable bag patterns for FREE for you to make, handy-dandy!
- Instructables user Scoochmaroo has a sweeet pattern for a Reusable Sandwich Wrap- totally worth it, I'd say
- and get clever making your own yogurt instead of collecting hundreds of little unrecyclable cups (well, at least they are unrecyclable in SE Alaska- maybe other places have 5!)- WikiHow shows you how!

And coming up i'll be gettin' crafty with leftover plastics so all those bags you've been saving until now won't go back in the landfill- but can turn into something super-stylish instead.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AF 2009- Wheeeee!

well, the craft addicts and I gear up for the Autumn Festival craft fair all year because it is just right up our alley- crafts, friends, goodies and even craft beer! who could ask for more?

so, I've written it up a bit in my most recent column (as you could guess!). Take a peek at that if you'd like!

i won't give away too much about what is in store at our table but I will say we will have things for small ones, things for tall ones, things for delicate touches and things for rough play. papery things, and boxy things, and soft things, and hard things. things you can wear, and things for your hair.

and a SUPER surprise i hope i can pull off inspired by this blog post.

see you saturday at the JACC!!! mwah