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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Public Market Time

For Juneauites and crafters, Black Friday usually means the annual trip to The Public Market.  By far the largest arts and crafts show of the year, this market is open to crafters, artisans and vendors looking to get their stuff sold for the holiday season.  I am no exception!!

This year I am pairing up with Anji Gallanos of Ruby's Hill to bring scarves, ravens, hats, baby booties and more!!

Cap'n and I had a photo shoot the other day with my new Nikon D-5000 (LOVE IT!!) to demo how you can wear TP Alaska scarf styles (yes, even men can rock them).  It was tons of fun, and the weather was cooperating for a minute.  We barely had to go anywhere, just off our front porch!  We were glad to dash inside for hot tea moments after.

two days and counting to the market . . .

Hope to see you there!!! -tp

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

slipper obsessed

Well, each year at the same time I get a little slipper obsessed (I'm sure you can imagine why) and I get into a frenzy in which I MUST make a new pair.  Some previous attempts were here and here and here when I created sweater slippers and quilted slippers and singing slippers and slipper gifts!

This year was no exception and I threw aside my steadfast rule of "I don't knit pairs of anything" to conjur up some cream and cocoa slippers to snuggle in. Suddenly I slipped them over my toes and realized they were too LARGE!  To my chagrin they fit Cap'n to a T.  Well, sort of chagrin - I suppose they are adorable on him and his toes are important too.  But really, now I have to make two more for me!  Who has the time for that?

I suppose I will be making a pattern soon (after I work out the bugs in my own pair) so other toes can enjoy them as well!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Crafty After Dark

Around here when the winter settles in we are greeted each morning with a blanket of clean white snow - and then 10 seconds later the sun sets and inky darkness takes it's place. Ok, I may be exaggerating, but days are short and nights are long and dark. This week's article is about exactly that. read on below-

Winter could very well be named the craftiest season. From needle worked blankets, hats and scarves, to handmade holiday gifts, to d├ęcor and creation in celebration of family, it has all the right elements. But for me there is one pesky hiccup that I can't see past, literally. The darkness that settles into every nook and cranny in town makes it hard for me muster up the courage to craft on. Some find inspiration in the darkness and can easily craft their winter woes away. I prefer to give my space a facelift and I find the craft follows. So each year as the termination dust creeps down I get to work on my list of craft cures for after dark.
follow this link for jump to rest of article

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Shower Pennant Tutorial

not only have i just been crowned a new Auntie (see last post- whale pattern tutorial), but i have tons of friends who are currently preggers right now- what fun!!!!

one lovely lady was celebrated over the weekend with a fabulous baby shower.  i got down to crafty business in the decor department.  the colors for the bash were zesty orange and lime so not only did we decorate with fruit (you use what you can up here in Alaska!) but i whipped together a cute pennant that works both as decor at the party, and gift to decorate the baby's new room.  and just for you i've whipped up a tutorial to go along!  Check it out after the jump!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Whale for Baby Pattern

I wrote this week's article on crafting for baby's because my lovely sis just had her first.  We were there when the tyke was just 3 days old and got to love his tiny self!!

And then, of course, we inserted him into our carved pumpkin because even at five days old the boy is CRAFTY!

I brought the new nephew a little gift of a stuffed whale, which was just right for his little hands.  It was great fun coming up with this pattern, because of course Cap'n wanted a whale too!  So here it is (it's also in the article if you want to check it out there). Please give me feedback on the pattern for improvement!!

A Whale for Baby Pattern

Supplies: Blue top fabric, fun belly fabric, matching thread, scissors, baby-safe stuffing, needle, whale pattern (print out image above- scale to size you like!)

1. Cut your contrasting whale fabrics - Two top pieces of blue and one belly piece of a fun fabric.
2. Pin the belly pieces to the body, right sides together starting at the tail and heading toward the nose.
3. Using a ¼" seam allowance, sew the 2 body pieces to the belly using a straight stitch from dot to dot (nose to tail).
4. Sew the two body pieces up the back with a straight stitch, leaving open the space for turning the whale.
5. Turn whale right side out and stuff.
6. Sew whale closed with a slip stitch. (Optional) Pull thread through whale and knot tight to create a "blowhole" indent.

You may repost, remake and redistribute as long as you link back, give cred, and not sell!!  Thanks so much!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Vacation Part 1: Michigan

we've finally returned!  and now I can share our adventures with you!  what fun!!

the first leg of our trip was in Michigan where we saw a few leaves change, went to a football game, and most importantly coveted some fresh apple cider straight from the mill. MMMMMMMM!

outside the mill they have delicious treats to take home.  we bought some cherry butter- sooo good!

more delicious vacation after the jump!!!