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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

With Love From Greece!

When you grow up in Alaska you get a lot of silly questions - and a lot of pen pals.  I have letters asking if I lived in igloos and ate whales for dinner.  Well, not that some people don't I suppose, but that is not my style.  I would usually write back with wild stories of my pet polar bear Ralph in retaliation.  Shame on me.

But now as an adult I've met a fabulous new friend online who not only is a wonderful pen pal, she also sent me magical items from Greece!!!  Now that is a place I want to hear a lot about!  This sweet and wonderful girl got to know me through my blog and offered to send me a heart-shaped cookie cutter (of which I was in need here).  Not one to pass up such an opportunity I said YES, and we exchanged addresses.  Well, let me tell you, this was no simple cookie cutter that she sent over!

All the way from Greece I received this large box, thinking "wow, this must be some huge heart-shaped cookie cutter"
Upon inspection I found the box was totally loaded!!!
This is not even everything that was in it!  Plus, a lovely letter.  She sent an ethnic headband (the red crocheted item on the right).
And of course the cookie cutter!  With a beaded bookmarker that she handmade-
Plus she made this crocheted soap jacket perfect for exfoliating and travel!  Totally clever.
Some tea, and a little egg for easter.
And she must have seen my obsession with scarves because it was all swathed in the loveliest pink scarf!  You know what I sent her? One lonely cup cozy in a white envelope with no letter.  :(  Boo on me.  Anyhow, she is fabulous- check out her blog here, and if you're reading this Saigon- thank you so much!!!!! And I promise to send more and better stuff soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My fave band The Thoughts- free song

The Thoughts is a fantastic band out of Seattle full of violins and falsetto and fabulousness (and the lead singer is a uber-artistic fellow and friend of mine).  Anyhow, for the release of their next album they are creating a multimedia experience on the CD with artistic interpretations of the different songs- and they need your help!

PLUS, YOU CAN GET A FREE SONG!- who doesn't love free stuff?

Have you heard of kickstarter.com?  It's a brilliant site that allows creative types to solicit money from friends, family, and anyone interested in their ideas, but in a very safe way.  Anyhow, learn more about kickstarter, the band, their music AND this FREE SONG at their site by following this link.

Or click the widget to the right of this post - WHEEEE!

Did I mention the FREE SONG?

love love - t

Monday, June 14, 2010

JAM- Delicious and fun!

This summer, downtown Juneau welcomes the second coming of the JAM. No, it's not a delicious treat to enjoy with peanut butter, it's the Juneau Artist's Market, and this year crafters are being called from far and wide to clean out the crafted clutter pileup and make a few bucks.

Saturday kicks off the first in a season-long series of markets designed to be a weekend stomping ground as well as a place for crafters to engage with the community. Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday through August 14, locals and tourists can peruse or sell their handmade creations.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brilliant Cinder Garden

Sunny from Life in Rehab (rehabilitating crafty things that is!) created this garden wall from like 4 tools!  Check out her tutorial here.  I am having delusions of grandeur in which I create an indoor wall of cinder blocks painted stark white with indoor plants popping out everywhere and cubbies for books recessed within.  Ooooooooh, inspiration.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How-to Hibiscus Wedding Flowers: Tutorial

 My most fabulous friend Mel is getting married in Hawaii in just a few weeks and she asked me to be the Maid of Honor (I know, could it get any better??).  She gives back to the world every day as she is a Nurse of Oncology.  So when she said she was lacking centerpieces, I jumped at the chance to use my mad crafting skills to make something super-special for her big day.

What you are about to witness is my own crafty way of making matching hibiscus flowers for the reception.  They match perfectly to the lovely dresses we will be wearing!

Follow along if you can to make your own for whatever occasion you have coming -