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Monday, January 31, 2011

When NOT To Craft

Sometimes pork chops really are just meant for eating.

Once I made a pork chop ... out of felt. Yes, I made a plushy pork chop. The kind of plush a tiny girl might carry on all her journeys and cuddle with at night and brush its hair, except it had no hair because it was a pork chop. I proudly took my pork chop to my crafty co-workers and with gleaming eyes announced, "Look what I made!" Their wan smiles and feeble encouragements were all dashed when the next three words were spoken: "What is it?"

"What is it!" I cried in disgust. "It is a pork chop, of course! A witty, irreverent, plushy pork chop made of pink and brown felt that has been 'stuffed'" - I used air quotes - "get it? Stuffed!"

This did not help them "get it." I tried another avenue. "Well, it's a man thing. Boyfriend will think it's hilarious!" Sure boyfriend liked pork chops, to eat. My gift was sweetly rejected with, "Oh, you hold on to it for me honey." That day I met face to face with the realization that some days you have to know when not to craft.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"We should start with a list"

Cap'n is not a big list guy, and I am way-too-obsessed with them.  But yesterday over a where-to-have-our-wedding-and-when conversation he said the sweetest, most brilliant, most marrying-worthy thing ever.

He said, "We should start with a list."!  That is why I am marrying him.  And because he's really cute. 

I love also that he said, "Like the one the Rookery boys had on their wall."

Ok, for a little backstory, when my fabu friends Travis and Jason bought the local coffee shop Valentine's and turned it into the Rookery Cafe (and had me help with the design, SO FUN!) they closed for one month to get it all fixed up.  They had a hard time keeping track of everything they had to do so they made enormous to-do lists that covered the walls.
This is just one of many- think 3' wide by 4' tallish. 
Perfect.  I always love a good chalkboard wall list too.
Personally, I'm a long-skinny-flip-book kind of list maker.  
But I also have a white-erase board of listy goodness just in case I get a hankering.  

Anyhow, the list he's talking about, the invitees list, I'm afraid it's a bit long for a giant-sheets-of-paper-on-the-wall type of list.  It sounds more like a very-boring-typed-in-excel type of list.  
We'll see.

Do you live with a list maker?
What kind of lists do you make?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Banana Chocolate Chips Treat Tutorial

Like potato chips dipped in chocolate, except replace the potato with banana, and they're frozen.
Okay, maybe more like chocolate covered ice cream balls, but better (cuz they're good for you)!
Cap'n and I are always looking for ways to satiate our sweet teeth, while maintaining some semblance of a waistline (HA!).  So we invented these delish banana chips last night- I'm sure they were invented pre-us, but we thought we were clever.  Here's how to make 'em (ps, am in a photography course at UAS so hopefully my pics will be improving- let's all cross our fingers!):
Start with a banana, a knife and some chocolate chips.  We thought about peanut butter too, but that seemed like another mess, so we decided we would try that another day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Handmade Nation and Faythe Levine Come to Juneau!!

"Handmade Nation" a documentary about craft is brought to Juneau Jan. 26 by the Alaska Design Forum
In the world of artistic pursuits, “craft” often takes a backseat to its seemingly more prestigious cousin “design.” A crafter is seen as maker, following the steps of previous artisans where the pursuit is to replicate and recreate with precision, whereas the designer is the master of the invention, with an end goal of creating the new and never-before-seen. So it is apropos that the Alaska Design Forum has chosen to celebrate the new and inventive in the craft world with its upcoming showing of “Handmade Nation,” a documentary that follows the youthful, feminist, punk and rebellious side to the DIY craft movement.
Photos courtesy of Faythe Levine
As a featured speaker for ADF’s 2010/2011 Un/Common lecture series, author, director, boutique owner and crafts artist Faythe Levine will share her film “Handmade Nation” (released in book form in 2008), and speak about her travels across the country connecting with indie crafters, artists and designers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost done with Etsy week!

Don't worry, only two days left of Etsy week!  
Some raspberry goodness for ya!
For the wine-lover in you!
And top it off with a little mint!
The Cap'n says bye for now!

Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Big Projects from '10

I'm a big fan of reflection over resolution in a New Year. I mean, I make resolutions practically every day to be smarter, play more and craft more, so I take once a year to look back instead of forward. I'm hoping somehow the two will balance and I will embrace living in the now. So, here are ten of my craftiest projects from 2010 to reflect upon (and possibly resolve to never do again!):

 1. Working out while you craft. 
I'm a huge multi-tasker, so Craftercize just felt natural. And it could work, as long as you bring the gym to your craft room, not the craft room to your gym.

2. Applying mustaches to glasses.  (click here for the tutorial I made)
Why do glasses need mustaches? Because they are funny. Making mustached glasses for last year's holiday gifts was a great idea, until this year we found out they all washed off in the dishwasher! You can't win them all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three-fer Thursday

So Cap'n has already ordered his rear axle (cuz when it comes to his truck he is really fast and productive) which is super chouette because apparently it might not cost us an arm and a leg!  Woohoo! But, to pay for it the kid needs to sell some of his knitted goods- so help him out and take a peeksy.  Should I label them as Cap'n-made?  Ok, if you insist!
Ok, I made all the hats and things with cables- but I think this pink hat 
could look fabu on a hunky man.  For sure!!
 The simple Skipper Tube could be a girl's or boy's best friend in the winter.  
Especially right now in Juneau with our wind gusts of up to 45mph!!
Cap'n made this knitted gourmet delight- plus the buttons too!!  He is such a whiz! 
(And he needs things to do in the winter when his not Cap'n-ing)
Follow the photo links to check them out on Etsy and buy!  Thanks for looking!

Cap'n gets us a Treasury!

Check out the Cap'n in this Etsy Treasury called 
"What a Hunk Really Wants for Valentine's Day"
it's so true too- he wants those mustache mugs and beer soap like nobody's business.

I told you he's photogenic!  
We def. got in because of his come-hither looks-

If you have a minute go check it out here and make a comment- 
I think it helps to get more people looking.  Thanks all!

And don't worry, more Etsy posts coming this evening (Alaska time) which means more cozy knitted stuff and cute shots of the Cap'n are mere hours away!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3 of Etsy Week!

I love the Cap'n in this shot!!  Isn't he all hard core with the slightest hint of a smile- he hates doing photo shoots, but I always make him because I know that not-so-secretly he is selling everything for me!  Plus, did you know he makes a lot of the stuff too?  Yes!  He learned to knit and hasn't stopped since. 

So, if you read yesterday's post and are wondering about the little truck, it's not doing so hot.  The rear differential is busted which means the rear axle has to be replaced.  Something like that.  I have no idea what that means, but apparently it's expensive, as everything is up here in our little isolated land.  Ok, enough chat- on to etsy goods!!
This beanie would look great for any boy or girl!
And my favorite new design from 2010- the Rapunzel!  OMG- I love this hat/scarf (which we decided not to call harf or scat, eeeeeh)
See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2 of Etsy Week!

So, I was in the middle of posting more Etsy fun this evening for Day 2 of Etsy week (see above and below) when my little mobile went a-ringing.  Lo and behold it was Cap'n who was STRANDED on the side of the road.  Well, I guess he wasn't exactly stranded, he was in his truck and it started making a horrendous sound which made him immediately pull over and give me a call.  Not to worry, I went and saved him and we are all fine!  Except possibly his truck- we will find out tomorrow and I'll let you know more at Day 3 of Etsy week.  Check out Day 2 below!!
Lovely pink for a lady, or get the Skipper in Charcoal for a guy with style!
Keep warm this winter in an Oatmeal triple-wrap Leyla Scarf!
Bye for now!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Esty Week!

Finally we have gotten our act together to post all the new knitting on Etsy!  And all week long I'll be rolling out the new items for puchase.  Let's start off small with three delicious etsy delights!
Yummy yum cowl in cocoa.  Snap it up quick before it goes!
Refreshing and Cozy in Limeade!
Wrap this cocoa bad boy three times around for luxurious comfort.
More to come all this week - hope you enjoy it all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New TP On Etsy!!

Ok, my ETSY has been out of commish for months now it seems. Ugh!!  But never fear, just when you thought I would never get anything done, I did something!!
I've updated it with one of my FAVORITE silly thoughts-turned-into-reality.  Do you have those?  I do all the time and usually they are pointless and silly and those are the ones that actually become reality.  All the really good thoughts I have are too time consuming and therefore never come to fruition.  
So for 2011,  thank goodness for the silly little thoughts in the world coming true.

Anyhow, this thought is about going on dates and fun things to think in this new year.  Here is the blurb on etsy for the "Reject Them Sweetly" cards:
Have you ever encountered a friendly mate who swoops in to ask for your number (or more) and all you want is a little tongue-in-cheek card that would "Reject Them Sweetly"?

Well, yippee, we are here to help! A set of 8 unique cards in a dazzling array of humorous acceptance and rejection.

From the "Dearest ______________,
It's not you, it's me.
Yours truly, _____________"
To the "Whoops my phone just broke!"

Or perhaps they do float your boat, then pass them the understated
front: "my number is ____________"
back: "(it's ___________, if you forget)"
Plus 5 more smile-inducing little cards to date by. Cards come in a stylish carrying case made from upcycled security envelopes (patterns may vary from envelope pictured).

Great for bachelor and bachelorette parties- custom cards can be easily created, convo me with details!

Sooooo fun! Hahahhahah, if you want to get some yourself try my store at www.tpalaska.etsy.com, and if you're local then convo me for free shipping/delivery!! 
H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R ! !