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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alaska Crafter meets Craft in America

Every year about this time the urge to settle in settles in. The dent in my couch gets a little deeper; the reality shows actually start looking interesting; even the sewing machine appears to revolt out of laziness. This usually means the TV gets perma-tuned into a mix of football and nature shows by the other members of my house as I let it ride. At least it's educational, right?

Let me tell you, crafters, I discovered a secret in my mailbox shrouded in a sassy red envelope that made me realize we can have our cake and eat it too, or at least we can have our TV and love it too. I know, I know, you're thinking HGTV, or the Food Network, but this is even better. Aptly named Craft in America, this five-part series is my answer to darkening days and freezing nights and is brought to us by my childhood television love, PBS.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Knit in Town

Robin Mason, new owner of Forget-Me-Knot yarn store.
School has arrived yet again, and though the weather may be deceiving us briefly, we all know the onslaught of fall will come knocking soon enough. As we settle into our cozy routines and shuttle about on endless daily rituals, consider this: a new knitting locale has cropped up and is ripe with opportunities to break the daily habit, or find a new one.

Tucked right inside the double doors of the formerly-filled-with-Gottschalks end of the Mendenhall Mall lies the shop, Forget-Me-Knot. Expect to be greeted with a smile and a few pairs of needles clacking away in the back. And don't be surprised if you encounter a tween knitting away alongside a more ripened soul, that's just the kind of knit-spot it is.

Friday, September 17, 2010

In Denver? Drink Beer!

 The GABF (Great American Beer Festival) is going on right now in Denver.  I am silly and for some reason did not instantly jump at the chance of attending this year (boo on me).  But, I did design the Alaskan Brewing Co's display.  You will never guess what the brilliant people at Meissenburg Printing were able to make it out of- wood? nope, foam? yup!  Whaaaaat??? I hear you say.  Yep, it is made out of foam so it is easily transported, and has at least 4 layers for depth and dimension.  Now how about them apples?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haiku Brilliance

 Yup. Like a lemonade stand, except that she sells haiku.  A little bit of existential wisdom in a 5-7-5 sized bite.  AND, they only cost a suggested donation of $5.75, which goes mostly to a local poetry slam group.  She even types them up on an old typewriter for you, how sweet is that? Ahhh, clever and giving at the same time, who is this wonder-woman? 
Plus, if you're cool enough you can go see her live at a poetry reading in Minneapolis next weekend- I am soooo jealous!
Christy Namee Eriksen is a Renaissance woman extraordinaire whose list of talents include (but are not limited to) mother, seamstress (she owns Sunwoo Starfish- adorable stuff!), entrepreneur, advocate, and poet.  Her poetry is such a vital part of her life and her brilliance, and she has just come up with a new way to share the love with her local haiku stand.

Don't live in J-town? No worries!!! BUY one online!!

She has an etsy where she will send you a haiku written especially for you on a topic of your choice.  She even sends it via snail-mail- I know, blowin your mind a bit.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trashed Tee Stash Tutorials

 There is a problem spreading among the households of America, in the corners of each home and in the drawers of every dresser. At least one person per family is a contributor to this growing crisis, and there appears no end in sight. To the layman, it's known as the Trashed Tee Stash (TTS).

Fathers and mothers hoard their old college T-shirts full of sentimental value, while children muss, smudge, grow out of and just plain destroy their tees, then return them to the dresser without another thought. Thankfully, professional crafters have found ways of dealing with this calamity, and they are willing to share their knowledge to reign in worldwide TTS. Listed below are two projects aimed at reducing your TTS while still getting some used out of your old friends.

Tee Ruffles Embellishment:

To add a little pizzazz to your newer tees without breaking the bank, embellish them with older tee add-ons.
Tools: a new tee and an old tee in complementary colors, scissors, a soda can, fabric chalk, needle, thread.