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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plaid Loves the 80s

juneau has a few thrift stores of note- st. vincent de paul's (my fave), and good ole sally ann's (salvation army). a few months back S.A. re-opened in a new, improved space so on a lark we headed over. it was very nice, bright and organized (which was a major improvement over the darker messy space in the previous place). we scored bright red 80s belts to pair with the plaid of the day.
it really rocked my socks! and, at $1 a piece, even i can afford that kind of fashion. also, mine has this crazy silver snake in the front- totally brilliant.
please don't be too jealous.

Getting Ready to Celebrate Mom

i've been brushing up on my mother's day history for my latest craft article. i am amazed every day by the things I DON'T KNOW! i mean, the woman who tirelessly worked her entire life to create mother's day subsequently protested it's existence until her last dying day.

why would anyone spend a life life that? because the commercialization of the holiday became overbearing and she couldn't stand to see the day set aside to celebrate her mother tarnished by an industry greedy for money. and that was only in 1920! what would she say today nearly 90 years later?

i know! she would say "get to crafting!" and i am not saying card-makers or florists are evil, but a handwritten note saying how much you love your mother is sure to have more impact than a card playing the beegees with sequined disco dancers all over it.

just a thought.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day article . . .

yesterday was earth day which might as well be crafty day as far as i'm concerned just because a lot of crafters out there are super-eco-friendly, thinking of new ways to recycle, reuse and most importantly REDUCE! (although cap'n wishes i would do more reducing and less creating- but no matter)

i wrote about the point at which the two meet in my latest article for the CCW, check out here.

and have a crafty earth week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Billy, the first bird

so far there are three beauties in the birdy collection: felix, phil, and billy.

here is billy.

she is the first in the line of three, making her a bit, hmmmm, shall we say "loved".
with a swirly red and white tail and blue polka body she is not going quietly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Birdfaces

meet phil.

he is super-loosely based on the stellars jays hangin outside our windows in the auke these days. they have such brilliant hair-dos i couldn't resist a bit o' mohawk action. i wish i could muster up the courage for a bit o' mohawk action. fo sho. - t

Monday, April 20, 2009


well, i agree with you, i certainly have not been posting properly. but, there is no rule that says that a person cannot make resolutions on April 20th (as opposed to Jan 1), so here goes:

i resolve to post once a week consistently (one must start small in these kind of endeavors).

Aaaaah, i feel better already.

now, to the birds. i have been making birds with my fabric scraps and bringing them into work to liven up the place. after a heavy load of design work, i was feeling a little out of touch with my handmade side. i started knitting briefly but all that jetted out was mittens, which a. it is supposedly spring and even if it doesn't appear as such outside i don't need to be supporting winter's bad habits of clingyness, and b. you have to make two matching things for mittens which means by the finish of the first i either want to totally redesign both or give up altogether, or i've forgotten the pattern.

in any case, pairs aren't my friend(s).

so, here is singularly what i have turned to instead. felix. she is a yellow gingham-feathered, tangerine stripe-bellied, curly-tailed soul who appears to be missing eyes and beak. but i think i'm okay with that.

i really want to make a bird-a-day because i like the sound of it and i feel as if everyone could join me and we could amass a giant bird collection of recycled scraps and then be happy. but right now i'll just settle for a bird-a-post.

hope you like her! - tp