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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom's are Wonderful!

I recently had a birthday in which I travelled out of the state (what fun!) to see sunshine, shopping and lots of fun animals.  More to come on that topic.  But as traveling gifts my mom and Cap'n's mom gave me some pretty killer gifts.

Here is the Vera Bradley quilted tote that Cap'n's mom gave me.  Wonderful colors that match all my coats and the size is just perfect for a carry-on purse!  
My mom went way over the top and got me a delicious iPhone which I used to take the above pics.  What a treat for a trip!  It was so amazing to have google, email and maps all at the touch of a portable button.  Not to mention how we used it to watch shows on the plane, talk to friends on the road, and find every taco bell within reach (weird what you miss living up here in AK).  So, now we're back all refueled and ready for a crafty winter!

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