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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fishing Tackle into Jewelry Tutorial

up here in alaska fishing is not just for fun, it is a way of life. that's why i, as a crafter, have found a way to incorporate the fishing into my crafting world! yesssssss.

so, for this week's article in the Capital City Weekly i've written about taking fishing tackle (literally, the tackle off my dad's boat) and making a couple of really fabu necklaces out of it! I am not kidding- these are some really fun bedazzled pieces. So, check out the article here - and look below for pics of the process. Thanks all!
here's my dad on the boat with his tackle box full of beads and "gumpucky" (don't ask me!)
quick break to take in the view.
oooh, look at all the beads! and those are for fishing . . .
here's what dad actually does with those beads- the squid is called a hoochie- fish love 'em
oops, a quick stop for a humpback whale watch- cap'n is soooo jealous!
show some flukes whaley!
ok, to make the necklace I took the tools home, here is my actual jewelry accessories case (left) next to dad's tackle case (right)
here's what you need- fishing line, beads, and some stuff that looks like jump rings and swivels.
chain all the metal pieces together- the swivels and hawaiian snaps and weave in a hoochie- cinching it down with a zip tie for security.
works as a long bohemian necklace or a shorter choker.
here are the beads (used in fishing) laying in my actual jewelry beading tray. teehee.
i made a simple pearl-like necklace out of these. you could easily layer this necklace several times for a chunkier look.
i used hawaiian snaps, hoochie head fillers and a swivel to finish the necklace. it gives it a touch of pizzazz!

i'd love to see other versions of these tackle necklaces! leave your links here- thanks!

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  1. love it! my dad would be so proud, he is obsessed with fishing. maybe i will make myself one in his honor. uhm, i think he uses stinky real bait though. would that work?


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