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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

With Love From Greece!

When you grow up in Alaska you get a lot of silly questions - and a lot of pen pals.  I have letters asking if I lived in igloos and ate whales for dinner.  Well, not that some people don't I suppose, but that is not my style.  I would usually write back with wild stories of my pet polar bear Ralph in retaliation.  Shame on me.

But now as an adult I've met a fabulous new friend online who not only is a wonderful pen pal, she also sent me magical items from Greece!!!  Now that is a place I want to hear a lot about!  This sweet and wonderful girl got to know me through my blog and offered to send me a heart-shaped cookie cutter (of which I was in need here).  Not one to pass up such an opportunity I said YES, and we exchanged addresses.  Well, let me tell you, this was no simple cookie cutter that she sent over!

All the way from Greece I received this large box, thinking "wow, this must be some huge heart-shaped cookie cutter"
Upon inspection I found the box was totally loaded!!!
This is not even everything that was in it!  Plus, a lovely letter.  She sent an ethnic headband (the red crocheted item on the right).
And of course the cookie cutter!  With a beaded bookmarker that she handmade-
Plus she made this crocheted soap jacket perfect for exfoliating and travel!  Totally clever.
Some tea, and a little egg for easter.
And she must have seen my obsession with scarves because it was all swathed in the loveliest pink scarf!  You know what I sent her? One lonely cup cozy in a white envelope with no letter.  :(  Boo on me.  Anyhow, she is fabulous- check out her blog here, and if you're reading this Saigon- thank you so much!!!!! And I promise to send more and better stuff soon!

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