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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haiku Brilliance

 Yup. Like a lemonade stand, except that she sells haiku.  A little bit of existential wisdom in a 5-7-5 sized bite.  AND, they only cost a suggested donation of $5.75, which goes mostly to a local poetry slam group.  She even types them up on an old typewriter for you, how sweet is that? Ahhh, clever and giving at the same time, who is this wonder-woman? 
Plus, if you're cool enough you can go see her live at a poetry reading in Minneapolis next weekend- I am soooo jealous!
Christy Namee Eriksen is a Renaissance woman extraordinaire whose list of talents include (but are not limited to) mother, seamstress (she owns Sunwoo Starfish- adorable stuff!), entrepreneur, advocate, and poet.  Her poetry is such a vital part of her life and her brilliance, and she has just come up with a new way to share the love with her local haiku stand.

Don't live in J-town? No worries!!! BUY one online!!

She has an etsy where she will send you a haiku written especially for you on a topic of your choice.  She even sends it via snail-mail- I know, blowin your mind a bit.

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