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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When a Crafter Turns 30

Everyone gets together and is fabulous!!  Thank you to everyone who showed for my rockin' 30th, this post is way belated I know, but nonetheless I wanted to show a few shots from the evening, no matter how late . . .
Adorable Mr. Ciambor immediately runs over to give me my card when I enter. 
 Have you ever had a private party at Shoefly??  It is AMAZING!  We did a pre-party there and then headed to the fantastic Rookery Cafe for the real party.  I suggest this to anyone who ever wanted a fab party that is all catered and decorated for you.  No work, and TONS of fun!

So, starting at Shoefly, first off, you can bring your own snacks and drinks- yeah, eating, drinking, and shopping all in one!  Then, everyone has fun running around trying on shoes.  And at the end of my pre-party at Shoefly the girls were amazing and all chipped in to buy me a pair of kicks! Love you ladies!!! Then we headed to The Rookery for pizza and more fun . . .
We have the folks from the Empire, the family, the AK Litho crowd, the Allen Mariners, the Brewery and more!!
Look how handsome the cap'n is in his new suit!!
And check out the gorgeous freshwater pearls he gave me for turning 30!!  I feel so grown up!

Travis, the owner of the Rookery and a longtime friend of mine made the most amazing food!!
And amazing cupcakes by Yquem were had by all!! Pumpkin Spice, Mexican chocolate and Latte Whip- mmmmm.
 If you too would like a Shoefly party, a Rookery party, or a delish cupcake catering by any of the fab. people above then let me know and I will pass along their info to you.

I really want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who made my 30th transition so much easier than it could have been, Caro and Christy for rocking the Shoefly, Trav and crew for setting up and cooking at the Rook, and J on cleanup crew along with the shining star of the night, Cap'n, without whom, none of this would have happened.  I am blessed.  Thank you!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous. And for the record, my 30s have been the BEST time of my whole life. Hope ya'll had fun camping!

  2. Thanks Jenny!! We did have a great time camping, but I left my camera behind in lieu of delicious pasta and cookies and terrible-for-me-but-wonderful-for-camping treats. haha. Which is probably for the best since I can't seem to post anything within the week that they happen. I still have to load pics from the Public Market onto my computer! Help!!


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