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Thursday, July 28, 2011

9 Days Until . . .

Well, where have I been? 

Looking for a ring and getting a bit crafty for a big day that is almost upon me/us. 

The short version: we switched the date and location of our wedding to the beginning of August.  When did we make this big decision?  Five weeks ago.  Yup, I had six weeks to plan a wedding.

With all the hectic craft-sanity going on I have been trying to do some documentation, so after this whirlwind we will try to decompress and show off a bit.  But for now I leave you with this irony . . .

In a town full of jewelry stores (literally filled, Juneau is a mad summer tourist destination and the streets are lined with the same store in every port, plus more, let's say there are about 40 jewelry stores) I cannot find a wedding band that I love that fits with my engagement ring.  Any fabulous ideas???

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  1. Tanna! I had no clue you opted for the speed-version of the wedding planning. Heather and I did a 7 week version for 200+ attendees, and it was indeed whirlwind. All that being said, I wouldn't have it any other way - it was nice to be done rather than drag it on, and the compressed timeframe helped give limits to my sometimes far-reaching castle-in-the-sky approach.

    Congrats, and I look forward to seeing details come out on the blog or FB as you start to get more free time in your life!



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