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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hair-Beards, Halloween and Fame

This is a long-belated post about my foray into the world of fame via a beard and some beer.
Just to start with a visual . . .

For halloween one year while working at the Alaskan Brewing Co., I came to work dressed as an old man complete with union suit, Elmer Fudd hat and a beard crafted from my own hair. I have to say the hair beard was a winning look and quite easy to put together.  Tutorial to follow ;)

In comes craftbeer.com to the story - the crew at Craft Beer created a contest for the "Beards of the Brewing Industry", and I was submitted (along with a few other locals) to rep Alaskan.  In my bio I wrote  “I want to win to give hope to the scraggly, the patchy, the peach-fuzzed, the thin and under-bearded and the naturally beardless masses of the brewing industry!”, because who better than a woman in a union suit to do exactly that?

Well, did I win?  

No, but I made it into the top 20 (out of 75) and repped in the Huffington Post. I also felt what it must be like to be a hipster, and I think I liked it.

Moral of the story is that you never know where your crafty moments might lead.  Might I have preferred my 15 minutes to be slightly less hairy and ridiculous?  Nah.

Now for that tutorial . . .

Step 1: Tip your head forward slightly and part your hair down the middle.

Step 2: At the nape of your neck grab about a 2" bundle of hair from either side and pull them down along your chin line.  Attach them together ponytail style in front of your chin.  This will look funny, believe me.  

Step 3: Take the rest of the hair from either side of your face and wrap it under your chin, then tuck it up between your chin and the pony you created.  The idea is that this hair spills out and covers the ponytail from view to create the "beard".  If your hair is long enough you may want to wrap it around a couple of times to mask the ponytail hair.

Step 4: Take a few strands from either side by your cheeks and string them across your lips to create a "mustache".  Pin them in place.

Enjoy your new hair-beard!

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