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Monday, December 29, 2008

Amazing Acorns, Ornate Ornaments

Over the holidays I was fortunate to be able to discuss crafting with TONS of people!! I'm talking family, friends, friends of family, family of friends, friends of friends and family of family. Phew. And the greatest part was their willingness to share their crafts with me.

Here, I got a few snaps (with my iPhone- I LOVE that thing) of some lovely things made by the aforementioned. And, it never ceases to amaze me how interconnected we all are!

These two lovely little crafty morsels were made by two entirely separate peoples. As in, one is my co-workers mother, and the other is the Grandmother of my brother-in-law (i think? so confusing).

Both have bases of a foam ball/egg and then the little fabric squares are folded and attached with straight pins. How clever! Each has their own nifty embellishment- lace and embroidery, and a luscious pile of ribbons dripping off the top!

Well, no, neither of these items belong to me, but I'm crossing my fingers for next year . . . oh, then I would have to get a real tree!

Stay tuned for postings on the most AMAZING gifts my family exchanged for this years "made" gift. You won't even believe what I got!

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