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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moving . . . What a Mess!

Okay, so on a wild whim Cap'n and I moved from our tiny little "suite" to a new place with a teensy bit more room. We are giving up the view of a downtown filled with busy bustling happy people for a floor to ceiling bank of windows exposing us to breathtaking Auke Bay harbor.

If you are not a Juneauite or never have been, there are no words to describe a streaming ocean sunset behind a calming harbor full of lovely boats all lined up like ducks. Somewhere in the middle there are snow-covered mountains and broad evergreens. Actually, right at this moment we live in a soothing sea of white- as the walls of our white-washed apartment blend directly into the tall windows that are filled with snowcovered boats, mountains, yards, buildings, gardens, cars, bikes, bushes, trees and people! As you may guess, I often prefer to stay inside and see it all from my new windows (as opposed to wrapping myself head to toe in knits and venturing outdoors).

But I have been enjoying a new line of neckwear and hats this winter season that have been keeping me quite cozy. I like to bundle up and bundle down until all that you see is a funny madeleine-esque silhouette and two shiny eyes peeking through.

In fact, right now I am having troubles figuring out how to hang/display/store my scarves and hats properly. Any ideas?????? I'd like them to be somewhat stored, but when I get ready I want to be able to see them all at a glance without any digging. Tell me what to do!

I think I may need to put a mirror somewhere in our split-level entrance because I often like to check my exterior outfit more than the interior. Isn't that what they say- it's what's on the outside that counts???? Oh dear, no no, that's not it.

Well, stayed tune. I promise promise promise to tell you all about wearable arts- starting with my column coming out next Wed.

Adorations- TP

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