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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Ready to Celebrate Mom

i've been brushing up on my mother's day history for my latest craft article. i am amazed every day by the things I DON'T KNOW! i mean, the woman who tirelessly worked her entire life to create mother's day subsequently protested it's existence until her last dying day.

why would anyone spend a life life that? because the commercialization of the holiday became overbearing and she couldn't stand to see the day set aside to celebrate her mother tarnished by an industry greedy for money. and that was only in 1920! what would she say today nearly 90 years later?

i know! she would say "get to crafting!" and i am not saying card-makers or florists are evil, but a handwritten note saying how much you love your mother is sure to have more impact than a card playing the beegees with sequined disco dancers all over it.

just a thought.

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