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Monday, April 20, 2009


well, i agree with you, i certainly have not been posting properly. but, there is no rule that says that a person cannot make resolutions on April 20th (as opposed to Jan 1), so here goes:

i resolve to post once a week consistently (one must start small in these kind of endeavors).

Aaaaah, i feel better already.

now, to the birds. i have been making birds with my fabric scraps and bringing them into work to liven up the place. after a heavy load of design work, i was feeling a little out of touch with my handmade side. i started knitting briefly but all that jetted out was mittens, which a. it is supposedly spring and even if it doesn't appear as such outside i don't need to be supporting winter's bad habits of clingyness, and b. you have to make two matching things for mittens which means by the finish of the first i either want to totally redesign both or give up altogether, or i've forgotten the pattern.

in any case, pairs aren't my friend(s).

so, here is singularly what i have turned to instead. felix. she is a yellow gingham-feathered, tangerine stripe-bellied, curly-tailed soul who appears to be missing eyes and beak. but i think i'm okay with that.

i really want to make a bird-a-day because i like the sound of it and i feel as if everyone could join me and we could amass a giant bird collection of recycled scraps and then be happy. but right now i'll just settle for a bird-a-post.

hope you like her! - tp

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