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Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th FUN!

so this week in the paper we're all about 4th of July (who could have guessed?)- aaaand, a sweet story about portable dome homes! very interesting - so check out the article here and check out the paper online here.
also, last night I gave a presentation to the Rotaract (the 25-35 year old version of Rotary) on CRAFTS!! and we made duct-tape wallets as a quick dive into the crafting scene. what fun!

it made me have a new burst of enthusiasm for a bi-weekly craft night- so i think i'm going to make it happen. anyone out there want to join? any ideas about what you'd like to craft or learn? i can't wait!!! the cRAFT aDDICTS are bACK!!!

not that they ever went anywhere- i just think they could grow a bit bigger, you know, the more addicts the better!

that's it for now- i have tons of fun projects i've been working on that i will try to post on soon!

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