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Friday, July 24, 2009

shoes shoes shoes!

clarks at around $99
well, shoes aren't exactly crafts, but I love them just the same. today i am doing a bit of online shopping for the perfect shoe . . . because i live in a remote town which has 0 dedicated clothing stores and 1 fabulous shoe store, that currently isn't holding just that pair I need. desperate times call for desperate measures.naturalizers at $75
not that i'm that desperate, but i have a wedding to go to (excuses excuses!) and it doesn't hurt to windernet shop! (that was an amalgamation of window and internet if you didn't get that). so check out my picks and let me know what you think!Anthropologie $150
btw- i'm looking for vintagey heels with a modern twist- not too tall, but with some kind of shape to the heel- and something that i can wear in colder weather (meaning either socks or tights with them- i know, i said socks)
sofft $99.90

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  1. I like the Naturalizer ones best, sassy and chic Mary Janes. All of these shoe brands fit differently on me, varying by at least a half-size even though I have a medium-width foot. All of your picks are super cute, and maybe, maybe Clark's would have the most room for heavy tights. Good luck! Shoe browsing is so much fun!


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