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Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to School and Plastic Free

ok, technically i am not going back to school- but I still need sandwich wraps, (see above) lunch bags and snack bags and veggie bags and reuseable portable devices of all shapes and sizes- don't we all?

so in honor of that ideal- and the crafty spirit behind making instead of just using the plastic-status-quo I've written this week's craft column about ways to GET CRAFTY, NOT PLASTICY! boy, that probably would have been a much better title, hah!

so, check out the article here. i was assisted by friend and fellow crafter, Anji Gallanos. Check out her blog Ruby's Hill - she is a mom and a fabulous crafter. I LOVE her seaglass creations.

also, check out the links from the article:
- the No New Plastics Facebook page if you want to join Anji in trying to cut back/cut out plastics for a week- it sounds like a real challenge, but worth it
- Tipnut has 35 reusable bag patterns for FREE for you to make, handy-dandy!
- Instructables user Scoochmaroo has a sweeet pattern for a Reusable Sandwich Wrap- totally worth it, I'd say
- and get clever making your own yogurt instead of collecting hundreds of little unrecyclable cups (well, at least they are unrecyclable in SE Alaska- maybe other places have 5!)- WikiHow shows you how!

And coming up i'll be gettin' crafty with leftover plastics so all those bags you've been saving until now won't go back in the landfill- but can turn into something super-stylish instead.

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