Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drink Beer- Organize socks- Tute

so, in the early morning when i stumble from bed, to shower, to underwear drawer i always seem to run into the same problem - mismatched socks!  i know you're surprised.  but tanna, you say, you're so alert and perky in the morning, how can this be possible!  hah!

let's just say socks are picked before coffee is consumed- ACK!

so, i have devised a solution to the miserable state of my sock drawer, and luckily for the cap'n it involves drinking lots of beer!

Here is the before

You need a couple of these- any flavor will do - even non-alcoholic!
Now don't drink all the beverages right before you do this.

Remove socks - insert six packs and mark the packs at the top of the drawer sides.

Cut the 6 packs on your marked lines.

refill your drawer like a really organized person would who wears equally matched socks every morning.  ahhhhhhh.


  1. Genius idea, I must get the OH drinking beer quickly.

  2. YOU DON't KNOW, tanna, how this has just changed mi sockvida loca! i spend at least 15 minutes every morning looking for socks! Chris will really enjoy the beer drankin part! YYYYESSSSSS! thank you once again for brilliance.


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