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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

slipper obsessed

Well, each year at the same time I get a little slipper obsessed (I'm sure you can imagine why) and I get into a frenzy in which I MUST make a new pair.  Some previous attempts were here and here and here when I created sweater slippers and quilted slippers and singing slippers and slipper gifts!

This year was no exception and I threw aside my steadfast rule of "I don't knit pairs of anything" to conjur up some cream and cocoa slippers to snuggle in. Suddenly I slipped them over my toes and realized they were too LARGE!  To my chagrin they fit Cap'n to a T.  Well, sort of chagrin - I suppose they are adorable on him and his toes are important too.  But really, now I have to make two more for me!  Who has the time for that?

I suppose I will be making a pattern soon (after I work out the bugs in my own pair) so other toes can enjoy them as well!

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