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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yes, I did just say Craftercize.

I know we are all feeling a bit pudgy from the delectables we made this holiday season, so in order to get our buns in gear I've created a regiment of Craftercize sure to whip any crafter into shape. Just follow these six simple steps and you'll be on your way to a finely crafted body that will be the envy at all the quilt clubs. Follow along with my guided illustrations.

Author's Note: I am in no way, shape or form certified to give advice on exercise, so Craftercize at your own risk!

The Tie-Dye Twist
Dip your dyes, and build some muscles. Twist the fabric in opposing directions for a tiring tie-dye experience.

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The Bolt Press
Put some pep in your step next time your at the fabric shop and press those bolts of fabric as you bring them to the cutting counter. The more you press, the more bolts you'll be able to carry later, a win-win.

The Knitter Sit
Hey, you were going to sit anyway, so why not do double-duty? Perform a wall sit for 10 rows of stitching and work your buns while you work your knitting.

The Sewers Lunge
Your legs will love you when you finish stitching those pants, while lunging into shape.

The Stamper Sit-Up
Tired of back pain from hours of scrapbooking? Just use the sit-up and stamp method and everything will be sore so you won't even notice your back pain anymore!

The Embroidery Stretch
Stitch and stretch all at once by using embroidery as an opportunity for exercise. Just make sure your thread is long enough to get a good stretch in!

*First published at The Capital City Weekly


  1. Caroline sent me the link to your blog-I love Craftercize! You can be sure I will share it with my crafty friends; all of your projects are wonderful!

  2. These are great! I was laughing as I read them, but really what's to stop us from actually doing these? I think I'll go lunge-sew right now. Thanks!


  3. I know, you totally can do them! Except some may be more realistic- like the knitter's sit is probably a bit more possible than the stamper sit-up- it's a bit of a stretch!

    Maybe we'll all just lose a little weight by laughing at them!


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