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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strawberry Love Cake

Ever notice how sliced strawberries make nearly perfect little heart shapes?  I did when whipping up this strawberry-topped cake for a friends fab bday.  You could just as easily make this cake for a loved one on Valentine's day.  It's super-easy, quickie quick and only looks hard!  Follow my steps after the jump for your own strawberry loooooooovvvve cake!
Tools: Heart shaped pans (I borrowed these from my mom, you would not believe how handy these have been over the years!), strawberries, cream cheese frosting, strawberry topping glaze (found in the ice cream topping section).
I used funfetti cake because it is both delicious AND fun!!!
To flip your cakes around place the plate on top of the cake (so you are sort of sandwiching the cake between to plate layers), then flip over and remove the top plate.  If the cakes are not cooled all the way they will stick and fall apart- so, be patient (not like me)!
You'll want flat cakes for stacking, so slice the top of the cake off using a bread knife.
Flip the cake back over onto the serving platter.  Pour the strawberry glaze onto the first layer of cake and spread.
Follow the same steps to smooth the second cake as well and flip it onto the first cake making a strawberry glaze cake sandwich.
Frost the top of your cake using a frosting spatula- they really are worth it.  Don't worry about the side, leave them unfrosted for a fresh look.
 A beautiful blank cake slate.
To prepare the strawberries, wash them and find the best looking one of the bunch. Slice about 3/4 up the berry while leaving the top intact.  Fan the slices for a pretty cake centerpiece.  
 Cut the rest of the berries into even slices.
Place the "special" strawberry in the center.  Decorate the rest of your cake with little strawberry hearts.  Then eat it all up and feel the love!!


  1. That's a plate of love—looks great. I'm about to ice a bunch of Valentine's cookies and your post really put me in the mood.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Firstly...this looks lovely. Secondly...this is hilarious. I am married to Leif Jenssen; I have been following your fantastic crafty blog and after actually reading about you I said to Leif "Hey, I've totally been following your old friends crafting blog!!" :) ...its such a small, small world!!!
    I just thought that was hilarious and thought perhaps you would appreciate the serendipitous sentiment.
    and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your crafts!!!

  3. Alexis!!! Hahahha, I am literally giggling. It is a small world! Fantastic to meet you and you've def. brightened my Monday! It's great to finally meet you. I love how life (and apparently the web) brings us together. Say hello to Leif for me.
    - T

  4. It IS a small world!!! :) I will pass your "Hello" on to Leif for sure! Again, your stuff is so cute!


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