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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Uses for Old News

Well, old newspaper that is . . .
 Local crafter and deckhand Bree Dale used old newspapers to craft this model vessel.

Every April Earth Day rolls around and the world gets together to celebrate this beautiful planet by cleaning up, pitching in, and planting roots. We usually do our part in Southeast Alaska year-round, but in case you need a little extra help this April, I have come up with a few ways to do your part by recycling the news you read. That's right, a different crafty creation from newspaper for each day in April should get you on your way to celebrating Earth Day in style.

1. Newspaper maché: this classic craft never goes out of style.
2. Pattern paper: create your own clothes by copying patterns out with newsprint.
3. Drop cloth: avoid the drips.
4. Scale models: some crafters get really creative with glue and paper. Check out local crafter and deckhand Bree Dale's reuse of newspaper into a seaworthy sailing vessel.

5. Wearable Art: get started early (for once) on your entry for 2011.
6. Woven placemats: cut the paper into strips and weave away.
7. Spiral coasters: make a matching set of coasters by spiraling flat strips to create cool coasters.
8. Wrapping paper: give a gift wrapped in news, it's like two gifts in one.
9. Envelopes: pattern from an old envelope to create quirky gift card totes.
10. Banners and Streamers: take the party theme one step further by streaming strips of paper as decoration.
11. Pressman's hat: A few years back pressman would whip old papers into jaunty caps to keep the printing ink from spraying their hair. You too can create the look by making your own cap - visit http://www.printeresting.org/2008/11/13/make-your-own-pressmans-hat/.
12. Kites: with a few sticks, some string and this article you are on your way.
13. Boot stuffers: roll up a section or two and stick them in your favorite.
14. Book jackets: wrap your favorite stories in your favorite stories.
15. Chinese news lantern: replace the classic rice paper with newsprint and see what kind of patterns get lit up.
16. Ransom notes/love letters: snip up the letters and recreate a message to someone.
17. Paper beads: roll the paper into neat tubes around a toothpick and coat with a mix of white glue and water for a fun newsworthy necklace.
18. Article flowers: cut a circle, pinch in the middle and fluff up the petals for a beautiful bouquet.
19. Tape and paper wallets: think duct tape wallets but use the paper and tape as fodder instead.
20. Scrapbook heaven: create a page of pics mixed with local and timely events for a perfectly themed scrapbook.
21. Paper doll garland: the classic paper doll can be a clever way to decorate.
22. Paint apron: tie some string onto a sheet to create a clever cover.
23. Scumble brush: crunch up a ball of paper and use that as a texturizer as you paint up a storm in your new apron.
24. Pressed flowers/leaves: use paper to press your flowers. Use the printed pattern to create an interesting effect on the leaves.
25. Photo frame matting: cut some pieces of newsprint as matting and add a sophisticated touch to your family prints.
26. Smudge stick: make a tight roll of paper and use it in your charcoal creations.
27. Origami: an easy paper switch-around.
28. Decoupage: use the colored ads for a lovely look.
29. Fireplace kindling: create a Nantucket Knot by tying a knot in a twisted section of paper.
30. Quick thimble: take a small strip of paper and wrap it around your digits to protect them from the pokies.

This article first published by the Capital City Weekly here . . .

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  1. ¡Hi! i like very much this boat with recycling materials. Congrats!!


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