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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring String Nest Tutorial

I am very sorry for being such an inconsistent blogger!  I've been working on three really big projects (so big I went part-time at my real job at the printing company I work for to focus on my own biz TP Alaska Designs) sooooo, soon I will show you all that excitement!

In the meantime enjoy this little project I whipped up: Spring String Nests!
Spring in Alaska can be a gamble. I remember one year wearing my Easter best for photos in several feet of snow, followed by sunny picnics in the next. Since we can't control Mother Nature, its best to gear up for spring by dressing our own nests. What better way to welcome the season than with a little elegant nest of your very own? This quick (albeit messy) project is fun for all levels and can go from fun and funky to chic in an instant.
Twine, string or cotton yarn in your chosen color (choose white or cream for a more sophisticated look, or go for bright reds and yellows to add a pop of long-needed color), balloons, white glue, water, scissors, mixing bowl, lots of newspaper (to cover your work surface)
In this project you will create nests and decorative balls with string and balloons. This method can be used over and again for many projects, including lampshades and decorative globes.
Step 1:
Blow up a balloon to the size of your desired nest. Each large balloon will create two nests so keep that in mind as you are working. Also blow up small balloons for "eggs" or decorative balls to put in the nests.
Step 2:
Cut 3'-5' lengths of twine. The longer your pieces, the more difficult, so if you are working with small children keep the pieces under 3'. By pre-cutting these lengths you'll avoid getting glue in your scissors and elsewhere.
Step 3:
Here comes the messy part. Create a mixture of 3 parts glue to 1 part water. The white glue will dry clear so don't worry about the final color of your project. Also, cover your work surface with newspaper to protect it from the gluey mess.
Step 4:
Dip the string pieces you've pre-cut into the glue mixture and wrap them randomly around the balloon. These pieces will dry and create an interesting nest effect. If the string ends are not staying properly add more glue to your paste mixture or tuck the ends under other strings that are already wrapped.
Step 5:
Once the balloon is entirely wrapped in string, tie one dry piece of string to the end and hang it from a place to dry overnight (making sure you have something to catch the drips below).
Step 6:
The next day the ball of string should be hardened, so pop the balloon inside. With scissors cut the ball in half to create two bowls. Nest your decorative bowls with the smaller "egg" balls. Liven up the springy feeling of your home with these fun decorations and feel free to experiment with hanging globes in the same style.

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