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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My work is finally revealed: The Alaskan Brewing Co. Depot

Do you have it in you to Live Life Alaskan?  This is a serious question- it's not all hiking mountains and fishing and camping and skiing!  There's long dark nights and rain too.  We do have one fabulosity to get us through- the beer!

If you live in Juneau The Pacific Northwest, then you probably know about the Alaskan Brewing Company.  They are a fantastic brewery based right here in Juneau and one of my fantastic clients, plus they are friends of mine.  They recently opened a new retail store in downtown Juneau called The Depot and they asked me to work on a historical tour area in the museum display vein- but that really spoke to the AK Brew's style.  Check out the finished work (phew!)

We used this new technique the printers had never tried before- printing directly onto wood!  So freakin cool- seriously.  Then, we printed on directly onto clear plexi for the text and mounted the plexi panels with some depth to give it dimension. 
We also rocked out this little seating area (can I tell you how much I love sectionals?) and the fab coffee table was handmade locally out of one giant slab of red cedar sent over from Hoonah.  Yes, I will be stealing it someday if it is not being used (wink wink).

Thanks to Joel Irwin of IrwinDigital.com for the totally BRILLIANT photography.  Someday soon I'll get some shots of the window displays as well- yes, I built a 7' canoe out of cardboard in my living room and the Cap'n didn't even break up with me!  (miracle!)

PS- if you live in Juneau and haven't checked out the place yet then I suggest you do! Or if you are heading to Juneau on a Cruise- it's located right downtown one street over from Marine Park- look for the white labels in the windows!


  1. Beautiful work as always, Lady. So very proud of you. Wish I could see it in person. xo


  2. Did you build that boat out of the beer boxes that I just saw in there!? I was just admiring it! SO freaking cool! I didn't get a chance to see the display (because my kids were wreaking havoc on the store... ahem), but I will def check it out soon. Nice job!

  3. G- Thanks so much dear- we miss you!!

    J- Haha, yup- that was all me- it was a pretty ridiculous plan but it kind of worked out! I'm so glad you could stop in though, its a pretty fun place and great to have a bigger locally-owned presence down there. Thanks so much!!

  4. Congratulations, Tanna! Looking forward to seeing it when I get home in August.

    - Sarah

  5. Thanks so much Sarah! We'll be glad to have you back in town!!


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