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Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY Halloween at the last minute!

A jellyfish and chia pet costume let you stay warm, dry and hairy for the Alaskan Halloween holiday

There are only a few days left until the big scramble to scrape together a costume becomes futile and you settle for the now-too-small pirate costume from three years ago that's still in your closet (because you could have a use for it someday). What kind of a craft companion would I be if I let you go out like that? Don't worry, even last minute crafters deserve love on Halloween, so here are a handful of helpful costume hints to get you geared up - and quick!

Quick Costumes with Alaskan Themes:
Poking fun at the summer scene in Juneau is an endless winter pastime, so why not take it one step further? Whether you are alone, in a couple, or in a group, these Alaskan summer-themed disguises will keep you in giggles all night long. 
This age-old (literally) costume can be done in a several ways. For a couple, wear matching jackets and lots of layers. Or go alone as a "Q-tip" by throwing on a white wig and white shoes. And don't forget the clear rain-cap, plastic sack rain jacket and extra-large camera. Wandering into the street distractedly in front of cars is not recommended.
Dog musher/Glacier Guide and Rafting Guide:
It isn't hard to spot guides who wile away their days on top of the ice: just look into their eyes - actually, around their eyes, where they have major raccoon looks from all the sun and goggles up on the icefield. Recreate this style by applying bronze make-up to fake a tan everywhere on your face except around your eyes.

Wear lots of layers of Capilene, boots, and a winter jacket and you're all set. For another guide costume, try the river rafter/hiking guide. Wear your favorite pair of shorts, some Chaco-style sandals and a red shirt for starters. Optional add-ons are a vest, baseball cap and long hair. 

Jewelry Store Worker:
Try something different by dressing up instead of dressing down. Put on a suit, all the gold bling you can find (spray an old watch gold if necessary), and a heavy douse of cologne and you're well on your way. Slick back your hair for style and you're ready to sell.

Halloween in Juneau is often about keeping as warm as possible on our cool, nearly winter nights and working with that winter look. Here are a few ideas that incorporate warm layers, bearded faces, and rainy days.
Pull out that old umbrella and finally put it to good use. Attach sparkly streamers hanging from a clear umbrella for a floating jellyfish costume. Wear navy, as you are the ocean the fish floats upon. Note: This costume works well for outdoor play, but gets a bit tricky in tight indoor spaces.
Chia Pet:
Are you a scruffy beard kind of guy for the winter? Work with this look by using green spray-on hair coloring to make a Chia Pet. Dress in terra cotta pot colors (a similar shade to your favorite Carhartt overalls) and sing the song all night long, Ch-ch-ch-chia!

Here are a few more self-explanatory winter-weather Alaskan costume ideas: mechanic, lumberjack, fisherman, and miner. With so many choices there is no excuse for a no-costume Halloween this year, so get crafty and I'll see you out there!

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