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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Believe Again in Valentine's Day!

Xtra Tuff Love brought to you by AlaskanDermish.etsy.com
 Ah, Valentine's Day. Every year, if I actually have a date, inevitably my wonder boy doesn't "believe" in the holiday. How can you not believe in a holiday? It's on every calendar out there! But my conspiracy theorist exes would have you convinced that the card folders are in cahoots with the chocolate dippers who in turn scratch the backs of the jewelry setters who are definitely in bed with the flower de-thorners who, of course, all own the calendar cutters.

And this maze of deception has one end, to get their precious money that they otherwise would be spending on a 60-inch flatscreen with surround sound. So this year there will be no more excuses. Let me help you put the craft back in Valencraftines Day and believe once again in a holiday free of commercialism.
Make it Yourself: The Smitten
Chances are it will always be freezing in Alaska on Valentine's Day, so it's a safe bet that your honey could use a good warm snuggle this Feb. 14. Nothing says, "I want to snuggle with you" like the Smitten Mitten. Specifically designed for lovers, this double-wide mitten allows for hand canoodling. You can even knit your own Smitten thanks to the folks at CocoKnits who are currently providing a free pattern for their design (store.cocoknits.com/products/smitten.html).
Make it Yourself: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Make your own box of chocolates this year and knock Whitman out of the water. You'll need chocolate chips, cleaned strawberries and wax paper to start. In a double-boiler heat the chocolate chips on medium while stirring constantly. Dry everything thoroughly, including the strawberries, so the chocolate comes out smooth. Once the chocolate has melted, dip the strawberries halfway in and then place them on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet. Let the chocolate cool, pop them in a pretty box and give them to your loved one. Try a variety of fruits like bananas and berries for a "sampler." (click here for a banana version tutorial)

Buy it Local and Handmade: Etsy Love
Etsy (www.etsy.com) valentine treasuries can lead to hundreds of handmade gifts including cards, jewelry, scarves, hats and more. But nothing says love like buying local too.
Pick up a set of LOVE cookies with a side of pink cinnamon heart marshmallows handmade in Seward by the Alaskan Dermish (alaskandermish.etsy.com).
She also makes super-Alaskan Xtratuf cake toppers if this Valentine's Day turns into the Big Day.

Need a gift for the little loved one in your life? Head over to Moose Haves (moosehaves.etsy.com) whose tagline, "Fur the cute and wild" says it all.
Hair ties that look like Sweetheart candies and felt lolly wands make kiddy valentines for the young and young at heart. Hit the "Shop Local" button for more Alaskan treats made for you.

Buy it Local and Handmade: Juneau Has it All
Don't forget to beat the streets and find gifts right here at home. Homespun Mercantile in the Airport Shopping Center is filled with handmade goodies sure to delight your loved one. If you live in town try the Senate Building, which is filled with shops that cater to the crafty and have local handmade products, just ask the staff. On your way out don't forget to grab some fudgy love at The Alaskan Fudge Company. Out in the Auke?  Never fear!  The UAS bookstore has a plethora of fair-trade goodies, though not all are made in Juneau.

However you decide to celebrate this season, don't let the man take your love away. Reclaim Valentine's Day this year and help us all believe that love is worth more than a flatscreen.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my XtaTuf topper, cookies, and sweet heart marshmallows in your post!


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