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Saturday, March 26, 2011

R&R At Martina's Fabrics

Interior of Martina's Fabrics in Lemon Creek
SABLE: Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy (craft slang).

Is this you? Do you have endless piles of fabric swatches, yarn skeins, or bead bins? This is what’s known as a crafter’s stash, and chances are, if you know what a craft stash is, you’re bordering on a little SABLE yourself. Since spring has finally arrived (cross your fingers), it’s the perfect time to take inventory and do a little purging of whatever SABLE you’ve got piling up. Don’t let your crafter’s guilt take over by throwing out perfectly practical fabrics. Instead give yourself a spring gift by taking them to Martina’s Fabrics for a little stash R&R.
Fabric R&R, a win-win for all!
 Not quite a spa vacation for your fabric friends, but the new Recycle & Replenish program at Martina’s Fabric is Juneau’s first fabric stash consignment where you can buy and sell fabrics that are in desperate need of a new life. The program was conceived by shop-owner Martha Narino-Torres when a fellow quilter brought in her stash of felted wool that had been destined for a project that simply fizzled. After pondering what to do with a pile of wool in a cotton-fabric quilt-dominated store, Martha’s crafty daughter gave her the key; why not upcycle the pieces into blocks for beading? The idea blossomed from there. Simply drop your stash extras at Martina’s and pick up a few new-to-you pieces at the same time. Not only does the program help in harder financial times, but it’s also a source of inspiration.

“The R&R program is like the intrigue we have in walking into someone else’s treasure trove,” quips Martha. “A new piece of fabric can change the dynamics and synergy of people looking at their own stashes.”

Growing up in a house full of fabric with a couture seamstress as a mother, Martha would know. Three years ago she began Martina’s Fabrics as an online store to give way to her creative side while at home with her children. A year later she opened the Lemon Creek storefront to share her creativity locally. With cotton fabrics, patterns and notions, as well as sewing get-togethers, Martina’s bustles with a quilting vibe.

Beyond quilting, Martina’s Fabrics provides other inspirational craft programs like R&R and sit-n-sew and courses including hand embroidery, and has plans in the mix for future classes that reach out to all ages interested in stitching in other arenas outside of quilting. Inspired by her children, Martha hopes to connect with a younger generation through upcycling of fabrics into functional creations and wearable handicrafts.
Upcycled shirt project designed and crafted by Marta if Martina's Fabrics
 If you’d like to participate in R&R, bring your unused stash by Martina’s Fabrics located in the Space Unlimited Complex, 5750 Glacier Hwy, Ste E-1. To find out more about upcoming classes and opportunities, sign up for the local newsletter at martinasfabric.com.

And of course, if you just need some spring inspiration, don’t hesitate to swing by Martina’s for a little R&R.

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