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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, I have been taking this photography course at UAS - it's just intro to digital photography, but I bought this NIKON D-5000 sweet camera last year with biz money as a tax write-off and haven't really used it to it's full potential (like at all).  Anyhow, I have learned SO Much!  It was a bit expensive, but for me totally worth it.

Mostly now I know what all the little buttons do- but the buttons are super- important!  Homework this week included a self-portrait (that actually says something about yourself, not just a "I flipped the camera around and took a shot and somehow it turned out making me look really hot" kind of photo, which in my day I was infamous for). 

So, here goes world.  my self portrait.
Hahahahahahh- doesn't it make you laugh?  I hope so!

And now you're really gonna love this.  A portrait session with the Cap'n produced a few gems- 
oooh, are you even ready?
That's right, forget whales baby, he's gonna be the next face of Alaskan TV stardom!!
And one more selfy, which has a little sampling of our new house wall color- yup.  
It's def a love it or hate it- anyhow, those pics will be coming soon I SWEAR!  
But life is busy sometimes you know?

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