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Monday, July 2, 2012

Limpets, Pinterest and Instagrid

Limpets live in colonies?  Who knew??
Ok crafty people, if you're like me you're super obsessed with Pinterest (it's like porn for crafters!).  Sorry, that is a tad raunch, but reality people, Pinterest is an ooey gooey craft fest with all the toppings!!  You "pin" to these "boards" all the best images all over the net and soon you're lost in an abyss of handmade hunkiness.

And through no doing of my own, the ole AK Crafter here has been pinned a few times - eek!  FUN!  But in this ever changing world I've been having a hard time posting here (noticed much?).  Between my new full-time gig at the Brewery, the Cap'n and his antics, attempting to stay fit, and of course crafting up projects, I've found next to nil time for actually documenting my progress.  FAIL!  That's when my next love came into play . . .  instagram.

Hello Instagram, you are beautiful and make all my pictures look weird and old-timey and for some reason that is totally addicting . . . almost in a creepy way.  So today while I was drooling over Pinterest I thought, wouldn't it be radtastic (yes I made that word up) if I could take an Instagram pic and somehow it could be pinned magically on my Pinterest, but no, Instagram is only on my phone . . . or is it?!  NOT ANYMORE!!!!

Boom, my Instagrid.  Now at the risk of letting the whole world know I love myself some Settlers with a Rita side . . .

Or that on occasion I wear oversized fake glasses and make duck faces (hey, at least I am wearing TP headgear!)

But, these are the kind of sacrifices I am willing to make so that the world can share in instant crafting!!  Ok, ready?  I'm going to test this . . .
#1 - make awesome crafty thing, or just this once take picture of local friend's awesome art
#2 - Instagram it
#3 - Find it on Instagrid and grab url
#4 - show you!
Don't worry, he looks at everyone that way!  Art by Alana Ballam-Schwan who co-owns Figment Gallery.
#5 - PIN IT! Wait, I have to post it first :)  Also, you can try following me on Pinterest - I've put a link on the sidebar over there :)

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