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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday #Craftroom Love

Sometimes I want to be a fashion blogger.  Except with crafts.  But maybe with fashion too. 

Except my fashion pics would all be "Shirt: Fred Meyer's (do you have that? it's a west coast thing kind of like a target but less hip and with more groceries), Pants: Naked Ladies Party, Ring: stolen from mom, Sweater: shopping trip in the real world 3 years ago" 
Hahahah, that's true Alaskan Fashion!

Here you go, Crafshion blogging attempt 1:
Curtains: Target with adjustments, Mirror: Salvation Army Thrift Store, Dress Form: JoAnns, Desk: found on side of road, adapted by Cap'n, Tiny Hat: project I'm working on, Bills: mine I have yet to pay, Receipt bin: Fred Meyers ;)
Clothespins: stolen from my mom, Sewing Machine: Brother EX-660 from Costco (LOVE!), Filing Cabinet: "Vintage" from Alaskan Dames (Local Consignment Shop)- Cap'n still won't forgive me for getting it, Felt pile: gift from my favorite crafting buddy Lucy when she moved, Paper cutter: found on the side of the road with free sign
So, how'd I do? :)

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  1. Gosh, maybe one day I will craft again but until then I will visit your posts and feel happy knowing SOMEONE is crafting. That felt looks so nice all piled up like that. Is it four years old now? Holy cow, I think it is. It's held up nicely! ps. love the filing cabinet but don't you tell cap'n. we have a brown one in our basement.


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