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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Limepop bookshelf

When the cap'n and I moved in , the first thing we needed to address were the books. Cap'n loves to read and I love magazines. We decided to do a DIY project where we comboed two smaller bookshelves on an asym, incorporated a reading lamp (from a set of two crystal lamps we won at a charity auction), limepop the back, and paint the whole thing white.

Instead of painting the back (because these bookshelves had def. seen better days) we decided to purchase limepop fabric and wrap the backs in batting and cover them with fabric. That way it gave the back a little dimension and a cleaner look.

Then the fun stuff came when we decorated it! The cap'n is NOT a fan of the whole- organize your books by color, or wrap all your books in one color so the whole shelf is pretty-thing. He believes books should be individually cherished for the personality of color and size that they bring. I know, deep.

So, our compromise was this- The limepop shelf was pretty, and we would put all the other "real" books on another shelf. Works for me! (besides I totally made the other shelf pretty too- please)

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  1. The green background gives the shelf a lovely crisp finish. Great colour combination. You already got me inspired - I might have to borrow your idea. Gotta go now and check my stash ...


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