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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Family Raised on Craft

Each year I try to take time out to calmly reflect on what has passed, and usually I fail miserably. My brain does not want to sit down in one place with no scarf on the needles, no scissors at the ready, but with only a moment, my memory, and me. I am the epitome of a multi-tasker, or, as I'm more familiarly known as, a multi-crafter.

When I do get enough space to speculate, I am often left wondering where I get this incessant drive to create. Where do any of us get the drive? I have a grandmother I barely knew who knit up a storm, and a great-grandfather who used his brush to create scenes of boats and Alaskana as elegant as any in a gallery. Could I really have inherited this drive from family I never met or barely knew? Perhaps that is part, but it can't be all.

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  1. Humorous side note: the day this column came out my cousin called me up to come help him pick out some crochet hooks and yarn- get this, he is crocheting his girlfriend a scarf for Christmas, and then teaching her how to crochet!

    Told you, crafty McCraftersons all around me!


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