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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Public Market fun

Now doesn't that just make you want one??  A cozy pink hat that is! What an absolutely perfect little
model she was at the Public Market.  A million thanks to her and her mama who bought her the cap!

Ruby's Hill and I shared a booth, see the post below to check out her wares.
And check out more fun pics from the show after the jump!

Okay,  I know, a lot of pink.  I had hats, scarves, booties, cup cozies and ravens. 

Oops, more pink!  These ravens, with pincushion bodies and magnet tails, sold like hotcakes.  Especially the red-bellied ones.  I'll be making a new batch just as fast as I can fill orders- check back at my etsy if you'd like one!

And oodles of knit cozies- this year we have mini-scarves with buttons, long loop scarves to double-up, and short loop scarves to tuck in your jacket.  These were quite popular and this display only looked like this for a couple of hours on the first day.  Good thing I took orders- just filling the last of them tonight!

All I know is the Cap'n's adorable (read manly and GQ-esque) modeling pics sold more scarves than anything.

And as always there were a few cup cozies.  Do you hear a theme?  Cozy, cozy, cozy.  mmmhmmm, who's got the hot cocoa?

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