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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get Your Glitter Fix! (without the mess)

I am so excited about my newest endeavor- Alaska Crafter goes to the Juneau Empire!

I will still be writing the column for the Capital City Weekly, but will also throw some crafty goodness the Empire's way as well!! What a wonderful Christmas for meeeee!
And hopefully for you too because there will be a lot more tutorials and a new section called I'll-Ask-A Crafter.  Get it, Alaska Crafter, I'll-Ask-A Crafter.  Teehee.  Anyhow, I will answer your crafty questions so please send them my way- either in a comment here or send it to tanna.craft@gmail.com.

Now, to the real point!  Ornament Craftrama went off without a hitch (okay, I burned some cookies- but it was nearly hitchless).  So here are some ornament photos to get those ideas flowing for you.  For the tutorial on how to make these lovelies click here

Use a toilet paper tube as a stand while you're working.
Check out more photos and tips after the jump!

Use a silver Sharpie and write your holiday wishes all over your ornament.

Fill in simple stars with glitter glue.  Use gold puff paint to make a forest of trees.
Make a monster for a little tyke!  Use epsom salt for snow and beads for color.

Get wild with this spiky guy.  Use hot glue to keep icicles in place.

Simple gold swirls look fancy, even when they're no so neat (yep, this is the one I did!).

And don't forget to make some beaded icicles for the window- or to wear!

Or just lay around the house on display!

Thanks for checking out- please leave your comments and questions!

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