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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Handmade Crafts in Town

If you're out and about this holiday season looking for that perfect gift than look no further than right here.  Locally made goods by artisans abound in J-town.  Check out these crafters and where they'll be this holiday season after the jump.

Sonny Grant is a carver and artisan who follows a 2200 year old tradition of carving animals from soapstone.  He starts with rough cutting the stone and gradually uses finer files to create intricate details.

At it's finest stage he submerges the piece in water and sands- both for visibility and rapid  cleaning.  The piece is then finished with a shiny acrylic.

These pieces of art are each unique.  Find his items at the City Museum this Friday at Gallery Walk. 

Switch gears to check out Tracy Gottschlich's fabulous handmade cards and baby bibs.
A self-proclaimed paper junkie, Tracy now sells her items at her Etsy Shop www.etsy.com/shop/simplyblissful .

Tracy's friend Michelle crafts more baby items like onesie bouquets and diaper cakes.  Not yet ready fo etsy sales, keep your eyes peeled for her around town in the future. 

Some crafters can never decide what to do!  Such is the case with Ursula Spannagel of Kunterbunt Designs who beads, knits, sews and more. 

Her intricate works are affordable and amazingly intricate.  Find her around town at local craft fairs.

Hand-felted hats are brought to us Carol Fleck, known around town as the "felted hat lady". Find her cozy caps at the gift shop at Bartlett Regional Hospital year-round.

Jayne Andreen's lovely beadwork (also pictured at top of article) can be found downtown at Lisa Davidson's and is open for Gallery Walk this Friday.

Mary James uses her apartment-sized kiln to fuse glass in-home.  Her works vary from glass bowls,  and coasters to earrings.  Find her at the upcoming Nugget Mall Craft Fair this weekend.

Adorable Polar Bean Bears made by Donna Goutermont can be found online at polarbean.com.

She also makes fizzy bath bombs. 

Handmade doilies take amazing patience and skill which is just the beginning of what Sheila Mason brings to the crafty table.  Her creations also include blankets, wraps  and "man" doilies (in black). Get something for the man in your life at the Nugget Mall this weekend!

These lovely apple totes are made by Sarah Henderson.  $10 from each bag sale goes to her charity of choice World Vision.  Or cozy up to a scarf she's made- purchase them at the next Nugget Mall craft fair this weekend.

At the same table, check out Jody Schmitz's pendants made from scrabble tiles and glass tiles.

I love the letter pendants!

For fab baby gear check out Terry Kiefer's gear.  Another universal crafter, Terry makes blankets, hats, reversible earwarmers, nighties, slipper sets, an apparently adorable cowboy outfits.

And some clever art decor for baby rooms.  Adorable!  Did I already say that?

Don't forget to check out Michelle Donohue's amazing soaps.  My favorites are the shampoo and lotion bars - ready for any trip on the plane because they're in bar form!  She has everything from scented to natural and makes them all in her own home.  Whew.  She is also one of the founding member of Homespun Mercantile, a crafter's paradise, at the airport shopping center.  More about them in the next post.  Thanks folks!!

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