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Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowboard or Skiing Fanatic?

This blog is mainly for crafters, but sometimes crafters like to ski and snowboard and rip it up in the back country, oh and drink delicious craft beer too!  Or maybe you make cozy hats for a beloved snow-sport enthusiast? Well, read on for a really cool opportunity for you (or your snow-frenzied friends)-
Sooo, in my other life (I have several, but not in a creepy way- I think) I am a designer and one of my absolutely favorite fantastic clients is the Alaskan Brewing Company who make wonderful craft beers- check them out here.

I helped them out with a website recently (note, am a print designer foremost, so this foray into web work is one of my first, please don't hate too much!) and the entire goal was SO YOU CAN WIN A FREE TRIP TO TAILGATE ALASKA!!!  WHOOHOOOO!  

Tailgate Alaska is this amazing thing that happens up north where you can do some hardcore heli-skiing* and such and then come down the mountain to a funsy tailgate each day.  Um, anyone who loves snow would love this. 

So, this whole post is about how you should go to this website I made and enter to WIN THIS TRIP!!  Because it's awesome and free and you can enter once a day, each day.

Go here to enter:  www.alaskantailgate.com

*do I sound hip and snowboarderesque?  because i really don't actually, technically ski or snowboard myself- but am constantly surrounded by lovers of snow-sports. Believe me, I've tried and it is not pretty. So I craft hats and hot cocoa for them instead, works out for all of us.


  1. You ROCK, Tanna! :-)
    Nancy Wo

  2. Thank you ladies!! Anything to get the word out on such a fantastic deal!!!


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