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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympics Get Craftier, Cozier and More Creative

   Never in the history of the Olympics has the competition been so close to our little part of the world. Scenes from the snowy sports revel in the beautiful scenery and rich culture we as Alaskans share in every day. And what’s more, we as crafters are invited into every level of the activities as well, from crafty mascots, to killer costumes and even our very own crafting Olympics.

** UPDATE **
After writing this piece I found out that Olympic biathalete Magdalena Neuner from Bavaria, Germany has her own knitting blog.  Tres cool I think and go pattering off to find it (which was not as easy as I thought it would be).  So, here is the blog, and if you don't read German download Google's translator toolbar to help yourself out.   Her "blog" looks more like a knitting store focused on her as the central beauty in a land of yarn.  It looks super-professional and all I can say is that if she actually did knit ALL those patterns that girl should get a gold medal for a few more things!!  Fun stuff- LOVE this pattern- want to make it now!!

Read on about Olympic Crafting . . .

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