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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New TP On Etsy!!

Ok, my ETSY has been out of commish for months now it seems. Ugh!!  But never fear, just when you thought I would never get anything done, I did something!!
I've updated it with one of my FAVORITE silly thoughts-turned-into-reality.  Do you have those?  I do all the time and usually they are pointless and silly and those are the ones that actually become reality.  All the really good thoughts I have are too time consuming and therefore never come to fruition.  
So for 2011,  thank goodness for the silly little thoughts in the world coming true.

Anyhow, this thought is about going on dates and fun things to think in this new year.  Here is the blurb on etsy for the "Reject Them Sweetly" cards:
Have you ever encountered a friendly mate who swoops in to ask for your number (or more) and all you want is a little tongue-in-cheek card that would "Reject Them Sweetly"?

Well, yippee, we are here to help! A set of 8 unique cards in a dazzling array of humorous acceptance and rejection.

From the "Dearest ______________,
It's not you, it's me.
Yours truly, _____________"
To the "Whoops my phone just broke!"

Or perhaps they do float your boat, then pass them the understated
front: "my number is ____________"
back: "(it's ___________, if you forget)"
Plus 5 more smile-inducing little cards to date by. Cards come in a stylish carrying case made from upcycled security envelopes (patterns may vary from envelope pictured).

Great for bachelor and bachelorette parties- custom cards can be easily created, convo me with details!

Sooooo fun! Hahahhahah, if you want to get some yourself try my store at www.tpalaska.etsy.com, and if you're local then convo me for free shipping/delivery!! 
H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R ! !

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