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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"We should start with a list"

Cap'n is not a big list guy, and I am way-too-obsessed with them.  But yesterday over a where-to-have-our-wedding-and-when conversation he said the sweetest, most brilliant, most marrying-worthy thing ever.

He said, "We should start with a list."!  That is why I am marrying him.  And because he's really cute. 

I love also that he said, "Like the one the Rookery boys had on their wall."

Ok, for a little backstory, when my fabu friends Travis and Jason bought the local coffee shop Valentine's and turned it into the Rookery Cafe (and had me help with the design, SO FUN!) they closed for one month to get it all fixed up.  They had a hard time keeping track of everything they had to do so they made enormous to-do lists that covered the walls.
This is just one of many- think 3' wide by 4' tallish. 
Perfect.  I always love a good chalkboard wall list too.
Personally, I'm a long-skinny-flip-book kind of list maker.  
But I also have a white-erase board of listy goodness just in case I get a hankering.  

Anyhow, the list he's talking about, the invitees list, I'm afraid it's a bit long for a giant-sheets-of-paper-on-the-wall type of list.  It sounds more like a very-boring-typed-in-excel type of list.  
We'll see.

Do you live with a list maker?
What kind of lists do you make?

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